The Sock That Would Be Scarf

I often begin projects that very quickly let me know that they “don’t want to be knit”.

That was the case with my Noro sock. This is the first pair that I’ve cast on in over a year – ironic as I mostly design sock patterns – and it should be said that those sexy Karbonz are sexy and in no way responsible for the frog-fest. I’ll be putting them to use again very soon.

The naughty Noro though, just wasn’t doing its normal, fantastic Noro “thing” in this sock. The colour runs were so long that I would clearly have ended with a pair that was unattractively mismatched. Not the usual and aesthetically pleasing Kureyon or Silk Garden mismatch but a “Oh my God, didn’t you check your dye lot?” mismatch.

So I cranked out the cuff yesterday morning and, still being in love with this colourway, began a garter eyelet scarf that is knit on the bias. Now this project wants to be made! A very literary-type thunderstorm went on most of the day yesterday, preventing any of the regular chores and so, I wrote and knit to my heart’s content and by supper had the second photo below.

The start

The start

Progression of colour.

Progression of colour.

My second big accomplishment was that I made a point to put all of my finished knits that still require ends tucked or a light block into one highly visible and traffic-impeding spot. The hazard of being a Process Knitter…

If I have to see these everyday, I’ll likely get at least one or two done. This is my theory anyway 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful Sunday, cheers!

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