Monday Monday

I don’t know about not trusting that day… oblique Mamas & Papas reference there.

Wouldn’t it be great though, if there was on extra day in the weekend? Think how much more of the good for your soul stuff you’d get done. I continued on my Noro scarf and should have an update at the end of the week. I did successfully tuck in a multitude of ends on one of those projects mentioned yesterday and consequently, have one more finished Christmas gift. Yay discipline!

The other goal I’d set myself was to make the time to give the original PSPRP a bit of a facelift. Over the last couple of years. I had got away from blogging. The advent of Ravelry took a bite out of the cozy, homey world of the little bloggers and although I welcomed that – what’s not to love about the organizing alone on Ravelry? – it made blogging a little less fun.

Having chosen WordPress for the platform for my poetry blog, it made sense at the beginning of this year to bring PSPRP here for ease of access and a few bells and whistles that weren’t available on the old platform. I had found my knitting mojo again and it continues unabated. It’s too bad that blogs and blogging are connected to the internet because sometimes… I get a little distracted… did you see that Briar Rose? 🙂

Blogger is so vastly improved as are many things social network, since I started PSPRP in 2006 and there are many wonderful blogs that I follow there, so updating rather than leaving it dormant, made sense – I couldn’t bear to just delete it. All that CSS and HTML entered by hand!

And so, vintage PSPRP is now “So Many Vices, So Little Time…

I’ve redubbed it with the tagline that my blog has always had. It refers to all my hobbies; ballet, music and all that goes with that and my fibre arts. For a comedienne like me, it was hard to not add “and Plume” onto the end when I began to post my writing publicly :). Blogger is integrated with Google, so this may be handy for some of you. I’m hoping it will serve as a complimentary blog to this one and even better, it accepts some of those handy widgets from Etsy and Craftsy.

For those who are interested, you can purchase patterns directly, using Paypal from So Many Vices, So Little Time… .

The Blogger community has a little different “flavour” than WordPress and I like the difference. The posts won’t be as frequent but I hope you’ll enjoy it and for the Blogger folks, this will be useful I hope! I definitely welcome any help or suggestions from savvy Blogger blog friends, so much has changed on the platform, a lot is intuitive but any tips would be appreciated. If you were one of the original members over there, you’ll need to update your links.

Feel free to check it out and follow along and may your Monday be gentle on you. Cheers!