Dear Noro…

I may have to break up with you.

Like a Bad Boy boyfriend, you tempt me with your charm and good looks and every time I break down and take you back, you behave for a while and then wham! You let me down.

I’ve put up with three (or more!) knots in one $12.00 skein and your random bits of orange that show up in my pink colourways. I think I’ve been very tolerant of the bits of floor sweepings and the slivers caused by random bits of wood and sticks, even the ones that made me bleed and cuss. Really Noro, really?

Your new thing is to just break randomly as I am throwing you over a needle?

You, Bad Boy, have tested my limits. There are other variagated yarns you know and they would be happy to have my sexy Karbonz running through them!

So. Best behave through the rest of the knitting on these mitts are I’ll be turfing you into the bin and no amount of silk, mohair blandishment will convince me otherwi… Ooh, pretty colours…

Maybe just… one… more… skein… 😉

2 thoughts on “Dear Noro…

    • With Noro brand, it seems that this is just their standard of manufacturing. I’ve found the bits and knots in every Noro line that I’ve worked with. The funny thing is, most knitters seem to see it as “just Noro” and it’s almost as though you smile, purchase and expect it! Very much like that Bad Boy Beau 🙂


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