More Pointe Shoes

Stumbling over this photo absolutely made my day! I love Vivien Leigh and here she is – wait for it – in pointe shoes, a tutu and purling! Well, perhaps knitting or cabling but I’ll call it for the symmetry and alliterative resemblance to my blog title and to my cariacature.

Pointe shoes, tutu and purl

Pointe shoes, tutu and purl

Miss Leigh, on set (I’ve forgotten the movie title already!. I’ve noted the yarn is wound by hand, smiling.

Enjoying too, the memory of knitting and crocheting in a tutu and pointes between parts at various recitals over the years.

It’s the little things 🙂

7 thoughts on “More Pointe Shoes

      • You’re welcome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it either. I just Goggled a movie where Vivian Leigh played a dancer.

        When I seen “Gone With The Wind”, I got the impression that she was a strong person, but later on I read that she was actually somewhat frail. I just thought I’d mention it.


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