Spring 2014 Color Report From Pantone

Why yes. We are already dreaming of spring. It’s a tradition here in the frozen north to be surprised that it’s so damn cold and pine for spring for the next four months.

So what do you think? Here is the official colour palette:

Pantone Fashion Colours 2014

Pantone Fashion Colours 2014

Here are a few decor applications that I rather like. Violet Tulip and Radiant Orchid being favourites right away for me. I am all about the purple, all of the time.


Pantone paloma chair


For knitting and crochet, I think it would be fair to say that with the addition of some shades and tones of “Paloma”, I will be able to be very current come the thaw. I’m sure there’ll be a new crop of patterns coming soon that’ll be showing some of these 2014 selections. Can’t wait!

Here is a great link that shows some of the fashion concepts that designers are envisioning for spring. Great mix of warm, cool and neutrals. It looks like there’ll be a colour for everyone next season. 🙂

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