Yarn Pr0n

Still slogging away at the same three projects and we’ve 20cm of snow down overnight! This would be cool if grownups were allowed to have “Snow Days” but alas, I’ll be out in that shortly. It is pretty at this hour, no footprints or tire tracks to mar it and the sky has that pinkish, pre-dawn glow.

A little bit of happy warmed my mailbox yesterday afternoon. More inspiration to wrap these stragglers up and get on to a new project. The first shipment in the Verdant Gryphon‘s Codex club. This is one of my favourite yarns and not easy to get hold of. I couldn’t resist. Part of the fun are the unique names that all the yarns in VG’s line have šŸ™‚

Here’s a little peek at the goodies and hopefully next post will be all FO’s.

The Jackal That Fell Into A Dyer's Vat

The Jackal That Fell Into A Dyer’s Vat

First shipment

First shipment

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