Allrighty Then

Okay. So. I think I’m done with being grumpy. Pretty much. Mostly. Damn it! I hate when my environment gets messed with. My OCD goes a little wonky. A LOT wonky!

So, having pulled up my attitudinal socks… πŸ˜‰

I was cheered considerably to get home from work and find this bit of lovliness in my mailbox:

Unique Sheep Pashimi in "Big Sur"

Unique Sheep Pashimi in “Big Sur”

I preordered this a while ago for the Unique Sheep’s Mystery Peter Pan KAL over on Ravelry. I love this line of gradients and the purple beads are perfect, picked by Ellen at Earthfaire.

Between this, some heap good progress on Dahlia and that I have today booked off (I don’t even know how I managed that but I’ll take it!) I do think there is a lot of potential for a great day. Knitting, the last of my Christmas shopping, a stop at David’s Tea and a visit to my hairstylist to get this mop dealt with should use up all those hours perfectly!

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