It doesn’t look like much right now but this is Dahlia, I’ve just picked up the upper and lower sections, getting ready to work the left side.

Right side done.

Right side done.

The construction technique is very interesting. Several provisional cast ons, knitting a square motif in the round, afterthought armholes, how it would all come together wasn’t readily apparent on the read through – not to this very visual learner / knitter but as it’s working up, I’m loving it. The top is the reverse stocking stitch collar and seed stitch border, the left halves of the middle, have just been unzipped to be worked out to the side “seam” and then followed by the left side and front border. The yellow stitches in the middle of the blob are the keeper stitches for the armhole.

I chose the colourway “sight unseen” and if I knit this again, would choose a solid or semi-solid (what I expected). Otherwise, the Manos “Serena” base is heaven to work with. I’ve another pattern that calls for it, “Parsley” and that may be my New Year project – a cute knit with spring / summer in it.

The day off was wonderful and if I’d found a Llama Daddy when I was out there, I’d be staying home today with more knitting and tea but the Christmas shopping got done and so did my hair so, two out of three ain’t bad 🙂