Another Fake It Monday

My WIP’s are all progressing well and I’m really liking the first clue of the Unique Sheep’s Peter Pan Mystery KAL. I will need to try and push through some of these as I’ve committed to team Wabi Sabi in the Ravellenics coming up in just a few weeks!

Follows are photos of my latest scarf prototype, the Hanging Garden Stole, my Ridges and Ribs sock, and a stashbusting sweater, that I’m adapting from an old pattern:






A little uninspired the last couple days. Winter had abated for a day or two and is now back with a vengeance. The tinsel and champagne are long gone and now is that long stretch to spring with no major events to break up the routine. Hopefully, KAL’ing and planning the move of my workplace to a new location will shake off these blahs…

2 thoughts on “Another Fake It Monday

    • It’s a definite pick-me-up. I’ve changed my screensaver to a bough of wisteria on a green background and even that small thing (here in the Great White North) makes me feel better 🙂


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