Go Away Monday…

… Nobody likes you. Not here anyway! So many things not finished this weekend. I don’t mind that I have to work but a three day weekend would make a lot more sense. I did make updates to my “Finished Projects 2014” page (tab up above) ie: there is an update now! I hope to be adding something soon. One small goal is to have at least one project per month completed.

Friday morning brought Clue Three of the Peter Pan Mystery KAL to my inbox. I had time to divide the work to begin working a rectangle before I headed in to work. I finished up both sides Saturday evening and here’s how it’s looking so far:

Clue 3 Complete

Clue 3 Complete

The transition from skein 2 to 3 happened quickly, even with a 2-2-2-2-2-2 sequence of gradation, likely because we’re working back and forth over 65 stitches instead of around on nearly 300. Personally, I wish it was more subtle but I’m optomistic that with three more skeins to use, it’ll all blend well in the end.

Here’s a detail photo:

Detail of 2 to 3 transition

Detail of 2 to 3 transition

And… with that, I am out the door for another week of mayhem at my workplace. We will be moving our unit from it’s current location, further into the city as of 21 March. I admit to being somewhat tickled that we’re moving to the Sir Charles Tupper building (a far back relative of my Dad’s) but the requirement to pack and sift through all the paperwork and still run a health program is daunting. No to mention, this will mean needing to examine where I live too.

Life, these last two years seems to be just jumping from one ice floe to the next and praying for sure footing and no polar bears!

Hope your Monday treats your well, cheers!

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  1. Ain’t no Monday love around here. That is looking gorgeous, and the beading is perfect! someday I’ll get around to trying it, I’m always oohing and ahhing over other people’s beaded knits.


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