Things Knitters & Hookers Already Know

I often joke here about how sticks and string are my valium. Recently, I stumbled across a great article about the health benefits of knitting. If you’re already doing it – or any fibre craft, I believe, then you probably likely know many of things. This is it, all official-like to show to any scoffers in your life πŸ™‚

Click the photo to read the full article – it’s really good!

My favourites, not listed: keeps me out of the bars, excellent boyfriend substitute, ensures you never need to share a seat on the bus/metro/tube, prevents reality TV watching… Kidding!

Knitfun kill bob

2 thoughts on “Things Knitters & Hookers Already Know

  1. The Yarn Harlot did an awesome talk about the benefits of knitting for your brain! I loved knowing all that stuff, especially since I’m going to do it anyway πŸ˜›


    • I love The Harlot. A long time ago, she gave me a shout out and it was like winning the lottery πŸ™‚
      They don’t mention the dark, dangerous side of knitting. Alpaca Addiction, Knotty Thoughts, Sharing Needles… Wait. I think I like that! πŸ˜‰


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