I Got Nuthin’

Actually, I woke around 3:00AM with the bones for an entertaining post but I completely lost it by the time I got up a couple hours later for work.
Speaking of work, this fellow is in the cubicle next door and pretty much sums how life has been! We continue to pack for the office move, a huge feat of shredding, packing and yet still maintaining quality of service and program delivery for our people. This is healthcare and medical supplies so the continuity must be ensured. I am knitting my little fingers off to save my sanity but the progress isn’t really measurable yet. Soon, I’ll have enough to share the last clue for the Peter Pan Mystery Shawl. What a wonderful KAL experience right through to the end. I love Janine’s design and think I may be hooked on those as much as I am on The Unique Sheep’s exquisite gradience yarns.
Hope the week has been treating you well.