When WIP’s Overwhelm…

… Begin a new project!

Works for me anyway 🙂

I’m working diligently at the border for Peter Pan and have begun working the second side; about one quarter through. My Tipsy Lizzy is going very well, approximately halfway done now. Unfortunately, both are at a size where they are awkward to bring to work or appointments, so it’s slow going in my “spare” time. The Revontuli was calling me and so too my long-stashed Kauni and so I decided today to cast on. I never hold myself to finishing a project before beginning another. The inner teenager gets too unruly!

2 thoughts on “When WIP’s Overwhelm…

  1. I know that feeling! I have a lot of stuff I’m “supposed” to be knitting, so instead I worked on my shawl all day yesterday. My tiny rebellion really helped 😛


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