Yarn Bomb Friday

Yes indeed, I like spring.

Spring is my thing. I like spring more than anything.

A little hint of spring would make my heart sing.

Please Ma Nature can Canada have spring?

I’d like to get out of these wooly things!

Poetic Yarnings by ~ kei

Photo by Daniel White, Staff Photographer of the Naperville Herald

Photo by Daniel White, Staff Photographer of the Naperville Herald

** The photo I posted last weekend was found on Pinterest and the source link to the Naperville Herald returned a “404 Error” which means that the orignal content is no longer available.  Newspaper stories do fall under “Fair Use” guidelines and with due diligence done, I selected the photo and posted. Unfortunately, the photo that I clicked was not the Herald’s photo but one that, among the thumbnails looked similar and was in fact, a private individual’s photograph. This being brought to my attention, I have gone back to find and post the photo that I intended to and through the Tin Eye service was able to source the exact article that it appears in. Do Enjoy!**

***Why the lengthy explanation? Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog knows that I always source and link appropriately. Regular readers are also aware that I am a writer, a designer, a long-time Blogger and a Law Clerk; very well versed in internet, patent and copyright. A fly by reader decided to make a negative assumption and leave a comment that was very condescending in tone rather than simply giving benefit of doubt, sending a message – the “Message Me” is right at the top of the page – or, heaven forbid! taking the time to read and learn a little about me and how I post. Like anywhere else that humans mingle, common courtesy is expected here. If you aren’t prepared to use it, don’t lecture others about its application and merit.***

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  1. When you share, and we all love it, you should use links back to the OWNER of the picture, or contact them with a request to use it. This picture is the property of Stitches and scraps, and can be viewed here


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