Why Yes, There HAS Been A Little Knitting

Sometimes, it’s just a question of “What ball will I drop this week?”

The workplace move went very well, all things considered. Moving technology is always dicey but, we’re up and more or less running with the expected glitches.

The unexpected fallout is the low-level stress. I’m back to commuting after a year, not far but it’s time and expense that has been added into the mix. That coupled with my desk is configured the opposite to what it was. Sounds silly but I keep reaching for things that aren’t where my hands think they should be!

That being the case, I’m a little discombobulated when I get home at night and if I can manage soup  and maybe to write a line or knit a row, I’m calling that for a win. Forget reading, I’m much too scattered!

Revontuli is my “no brainer” knit and so is getting all of the loves. The colour shifts are fully in play now and so I can forgive the Kauni for not being the nicest yarn I’ve ever worked with.

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Even on the wrong side, you can see how subtly the colours blend. This I do love and I’m looking forward to finishing up this last section 🙂

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