Yarn Bomb Friday

I think we’ll cancel Yarn Bomb Friday this week.

The profoundly disturbing trend of attacking people without any facts or cordial discourse and the complete and utter disregard for how much effort I put in here, including the due diligence and observance of RL and internet courtesies, has raised its ugly head here and so…

I’m taking a wee break today.

Have a lovely weekend all, K

2 thoughts on “Yarn Bomb Friday

  1. I’m so sorry 😦 There are a lot of jerks out there who just like to go around being mean on the internet. Personally, I love your blogs, and I really enjoy reading them. It sucks that even though a bunch of people love and appreciate your writing, one bad apple can really sour the writing experience for a while. Don’t forget though, you’re awesome! Lots of us would miss you if you stopped writing altogether, though of course I totally understand needing a break when someone’s behavior leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Hope you’ll be back soon!


    • I could just hug you Lolly and thanks. I came home from a very rare evening out with my BFF, to find several comments on last week’s post. The upshot being that I was called out for not linking and tracking back appropriately. I’m really offended on so many levels. I always link and track back when I can find the source – I’m an author for heaven’s sake! I have a “messge me” button but instead of a courtesy contact, comments and a “newspaper to the nose” were left on a post. And to cap it, neither person visits, reads or comments here – nor did they bother to look at any other post to see if there was a trend that might warrant such rudeness. The irony is, I even used “Tin Eye” to check the source but when I selected the photo from the thumbnails, it was similar but not the same one I’d just searched – my bad – I’m often up late at night after working all day to prep a next day’s post… I think I’ll take my grumpy self away from the interwebs for a bit. Thank you for your kind words, they mean so much to me. K~xx


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