It’s Mine!

Yay! Happy Dance! All that good stuff!

Panic! Mayhem ensues!

There was some last-minute back and forth with the Sellers and their agent yesterday, all completed by noon. From the bus on my way home / to the PO (mailing a yarn sale – thank you, thank you!) I saw the “SOLD” sign on my teeny tiny house. The call from my agent came just a moment later and it was hard to not start one of those impromptu flash mob dance things right on the bus!

There may be a little more blog absenteeism as things begin that “top of the water slide” teeter into the closing date. I am so excited (scared, happy, nervous, thrilled) to finally have a place that will comfortably hold all my shoes and yarn and children! Yay! A home base for the kidlets, for Yule Trees and barbeques will be wonderful.

Cheers all, wishing all of you a wonderful weekend and at least one dream come true.

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