Helloooo… Monday

(say like: “Helloo… Newman” from Seinfeld; which I had to Google ’cause I never actually watched but am just a victim of popular culture!)

Taking the sting out of Mondays and can I get an Hallelujiah Chorus?! Why have I only just now found this amazing group on Ravelry??

Knot A Problem is a group on Ravelry that consists of Titans of Tangles. These folks will actually take that collapsed mess of lace shite that was created when your swift had a spazz or that cashmere that your cat thought would make a great date and they will… put it back to rights!

You heard that right.

You can send a mess to these First Responders of Fibre and they will fix, unknot, detangle your skein of useless, might as well be number 9 binder twine, anxiety inducing yarn.

I may be fangirling a little bit here.

I have a skein of Baruffa Cashwool Lace that decide to commit skein-icide as I was winding it for a shawl and a skein (OOAK colourway no less) of ZYG silk merino single that… well… I can’t speak of it… Verklempt.

I am going to be in touch with these miracle workers very soon to help me with what I thought was going to be birds’ nest liner (once I pitched a fit and pitched the lot).

Do go check them out if you have the same issues.

Wishing you all a gentle Monday πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Helloooo… Monday

  1. Oh how I wish i’d known this before. I spent 4 evenings last week detangling some gorgeous loopy mohairy goodness… then most of yesterday morning with some alpaca sock yarn my stand in swift (my mum) dropped while I was winding (apparently I was winding too fast). its done now but I am definitely not a patient enough person!


    • I feel your pain! I’m usually pretty good at finding and fixing knots but some are just the work of the devil!
      This service should be well worth the postage to send these off to the experts. In some cases, they can even connect you to a local person. So happy πŸ™‚
      Now if I could just find a group that likes to block projects!


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