Knots? Knot A Problem

Back in October, I mentioned this group on Ravelry – Knot A Problem – a group of folks who will untangle your hopelessly tangled skeins of yarn and return them to you in a useful state.

I did finally get in touch with the group and was linked up to a local person who is part of the “First Responders of Fibre”. Carolyn met me at my LYS and bravely took away the two skeins that I’d had no luck with. We connected again at the Knit Guild meeting for drop off and wonder of wonders! I can actually knit up this cashwool lace and that cherished Zen Yarn Garden Silk Single 🙂

I can’t recommend this group of (crazy) wonderful people more highly.The service is free, barring postage if you couldn’t find a local person. That said, the list is quite extensive and listed on a thread in the group (link below).

For knot a problem

And the results (‘scuse the blurry):

Knot A Problem results

2 thoughts on “Knots? Knot A Problem

    • A few of the gals who do it say they find it relaxing or therapeutic. I sort of get that, knitting is my relaxation but my patience does not extend beyond the fixable basic tangle! 🙂


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