Helloooo Monday

I have a bucketful of WIP’s and not much else at the moment. I’m still waiting on “insurance skeins” to finish up both Silky Cables and Harmonia’s Rings. This hasn’t dimmed my enthusiasm a bit and I expect I’ll be back on track by week’s end.

The same story with My Little Log Cabin afghan. The Lett Lopi is backordered for another week and then will need to get here. Being as far along as I am has started a wee knitted blocks craze for me though. I’ve put together two afghans’ worth of ancient stashed worsted weight and am itching to start.

On the design front, I have a victim ;-), doing the test knit / crochet for “The Arcadian” as I type. I’m currently working the prototype for the double loop version in some scrummy Zen Yarn Garden Serenity DK:

Arcadian Cowl ~ Double Loop Test Knit

I’ve rejigged the sewing up on this one, an improvement I believe and will be making some edits on the pattern before release. I am stupidly happy with this second version, the yarn (using stash again!) is so nice to work with.

Best be off now to finish up this ZYG. I hope your Monday will be gentle and that you aren’t seeing the snow falling that I am. Yes. More friggin’ snow!

2 thoughts on “Helloooo Monday

  1. There are little wee flakes floating around here too. Spring, where the hell are you?? I have always been so intimidated by blankets. I want them, but I have the attention span of a goldfish and no space for projects to linger while they wait for my attention again 😛 I have to live vicariously through other people’s projects!


    • Ha! I so hear you on attention span. I joke about my ADD (because it can be funny – post it notes on every surface) but it’s a factor. The blankets I’m working though are separate squares or meant to be a swirl of leftover bits. Totally doable and even portable in the early stages (all the time for the log cabin type).
      That said, there are projects over 10 years old at the bottom of my goldfish bowl!


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