Did I Mention It Keeps Me Out Of The Pub?

I’m in full-on manic mode with the fibre crafts…

This is great but in the past, has come with a dreadful and incurable side effect – Startitis. Starting is all well and good and when my brain’s on fire, can be productive. There is my own little twist (no pun) on it though… ADD is such a great thing in many ways but when all synapses start firing at once, I can get so overwhelmed that I want to chuck it all and just read books!

In the interest of avoiding – hopefully – the dreaded ennui monster, I’m allowing myself to do bugger all “official” knit stuff today and am just having fun. Yay!

Keeping the Punk in Punk Rock… I’ve been popping these skully crochet things out like Reddenbacher’s:

I really do love crochet, it’s fast, fun and who can argue with skulls? 😉 I’m thinking that there may be an entire #UCG realm of possibility here for knit and crochet items. My daughter has inherited, perfected and is fearless in her Goth style and would be a perfect model! Now… if I could just stop fretting about what people think…

First and worst sign of aging = giving up the styles that make you happy for the popular perception! Why, why, why do we spend so much time encouraging our children’s creativity and freedom of expression, only to turn round and quash it in ourselves or others?

So, back to my version of colouring outside the lines in my blanket fort today. If anyone needs me, I can be lured out with dark chocolate milk and pop tarts! 🙂