Keeping You In Stitches Saturday


Y’all know I love a good pun or double entendre… it’s the writing thing :p

So. This is one of my favourite actors, favourite movies and dare I say…? Favourite yarns, though as of this posting, I’ve only squeezed, sniffed and… well, I may have fondled a little too. If I’m being totally honest.

I HAD to see what the hype’s about, yarn diet or no and so; under the guise of test knitting, I ordered this Mrs. Crosby’s Hat Box and Carpet Bag in – wait for it – Wild Huckleberry!

Mrs. Crosby Hat Box and Carpet Bag <3

Mrs. Crosby Hat Box and Carpet Bag ❤

I LOVE it and can’t wait to finish up “Carnelian” so that I can get my hands all over “Amethyst”. Once test knits are complete, the tech editing math-fest of doom will begin with an eye to have all versions of “Matinée” published next week.

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