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It’s glorious hot here, sunshiney too and I’m spending time doing knitting but outdoors where I can enjoy my garden – though the weeds are massive bad right now on the brick patio and I’m trying a natural remedy. Pics to come if it works.

I’m taking a little break from the pattern writing, it’s hard to concentrate on a screen at this time of year and I’m working on some stashbusting shawls.

The Cerulean & Chalcedony is trying to kill me with all this evil garter stitch but I’ve just reached the 2nd section where I begin to alternate with the coordinating colour. This should at least, keep me awake! I love everything else about this pattern, so simple, so fast (except for the sleeping part, lol!)

My second shawl is “Over The Willamette” and I’ll have to come up with a catchy name. I’m using some ancient Schaefer Anne and liking how it’s going. This is another pattern with quite a bit of repetition in the early part but I know it’ll be worthwhile. I went up a hook size to compensate how a mohair blend looks “fatter” due to the wisps. The strand itself is comparable to the Tosh used in the pattern but could probably even take a 4.00mm to suit other’s taste for an even more open look. I like the fabric I’m getting on the 3.75mm and I think this’ll block like a dream. Debating adding a repeat or two as the mileage is much greater for the Anne.

WIP-ies (WIP selfies):

WIP's for July

WIP’s for July