Tool Snobs Out There?

I’m a self-admitted yarn snob and am a sort of knitting needle snob. I adore my Addis – the good ole “stumpos”, Chiaogoo or CP bamboos and KP Karbonz. I will use wooden needles if I think the fibre needs it and I keep my old Aeros and Pryms because they are what I learned with. Not to mention some are my Grandma Tupper’s and I’m sure I may have “teethed” on some of them!

Something unexpected is that I’m discovering preferences in crochet hooks. I do a fair bit of crochet but definitely more knitting. My desire to expand the patterns that I design where I combine both arts into a project has me hooking more than ever. I learned to crochet on Aeros and probably some Pryms. Again, it’s what my Grandma used and she taught me to knit and crochet when I was still in Kindergarten. A few years ago, I began using Clover gold hooks, as the grip felt a little more comfortable when I would hook for long periods of time.

What a surprise to pick up my Tulip Etimo, a hook I’d purchased on a whim and find that yes, different hooks do make a difference!

I did not know that there were considerations like: inline, throat depth, head shape, shaft length – and this post just suddenly became “R” rated! The Etimo is slightly more inline than the Clover and it makes a huge difference in my speed and accuracy. I was actually amazed. I have small hands, fairly severe arthritis and Carpal (and I refuse to give in!) so on this score again, the Etimo is a win for me.

I have three Tulips and I’m moving them to regular rotation and keeping my Clovers for when I take projects out and won’t be devastated by a lost hook. Not sure why I was keeping the Etimos “for good”. They are more expensive, about double the price of Clovers but given that hooks pretty much last a lifetime, it’s money well spent. Not to mention, Joanne’s has a 20% off sale on until tomorrow!

Just thought I’d share my thoughts on this and feel free to chime in if you have any favourite tools in your tool kit!

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    • It’s interesting you say that. I went through a phase with my KP wooden needles and they are definitely adequate. Recently, I fell in love with my Addis again, the new blue cord did it. I can’t use the “Lace” tips, the finish wears off but the “Rockets” version is the perfect combination of pointy tip and nickel finish. I’ve heard great things about Chiaogoo metal tips and I bet the bend in the shaft would make the action smooth and fast. I may try a pair to compare with Addi.


    • I was tempted by the Amour set because I really like my Clover Soft Touch. When I got down to really comparing, I noticed that Amour’s handles are very similar to the Etimo and the hook portion is the same. I still want the Amour set – I have a hard time turning down pretty things!
      Speaking of pretty… Furls… **sigh** They are just too far out of my price range but I did wonder how they actually performed. Like the Signature knitting needles, function must be equal to beauty – or they better work a project without my help! – for the price.
      I’d love to hear your verdict on the Furls, I’d add them to a wish list if they equal the hype 🙂

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      • I had the Clover Etimos at one time and they were ok. I also tried the soft touch and do have a stray steel one, I think, and I thought it was okay, too. The Amours came in a pretty zip case and the rainbow colors got me. HAD to have them. The grippy handles are fine. Sometimes too grippy, but I love them, still. I have the Amours in steel as well for the teeny tiny crochet stuff that I occasionally do. Nothing like rainbow-colored precision, LOL!
        As for the Furls…I tried their Candy line (less expensive), but I found they squeaked annoyingly with the yarn I was using. Can’t remember the yarn, but any squeaking was not okay. So they refunded me. I still longed to try the wood ones, and one came up in Ravelry for sale, so I got that one (used). It was a Curly African Olivewood H hook. Sadly, it had dried a bit. I made it through with some wax, but I think I need to get some of that Brittany needle wax maybe. It seemed to work okay, but the yarn was not up to that gauge so I frogged the project and moved to a different (knitting) pattern that suited the yarn better. So, I have yet to see if I like the Furls hook. I believe there’s another used one available by crochetbug13 on Ravelry. It’s a weird size, but it may be cheap enough you’d try it. Furls has also decided to make a less expensive line with a resin handle that they just did a preorder for–I mean, it’s just started–and I think that was around $25-30. Depending on the reviews, that may be another option.
        One last thing about Furls–there are knock-offs that woodcarvers on Etsy and at craft fairs/festivals are selling for less than Furls prices. I’ve thought about those, too, but without a point of reference (now I have a Furls hook in the waiting to be used), I didn’t want to spend the money and not have a way to return it.
        Good luck on your perfect crochet hook quest.
        Oh, and you mentioned Signature knitting needles. I tried those, too. I ordered a set of their interchangeables. Man, those were pricey! Tried them. I liked the tips because I like my needles pointy, but because I had used Addi long lace interchangeables, I didn’t like the fact that the Signature cords slowly unscrewed themselves and made me paranoid I was going to lose all my knitting (Addis, as you know, push in and turn to lock). Although it was nice that Signature cords were close to the same size as the needles, but then they weren’t interchangeable with all of the needle tips, long lace, short lace, normal, bamboo and each cord and set of tips were crazy expensive. And NO ONE ever sold a set of them used. So, after using them and being stressed out that they were going to unscrew themselves and drop all my lace stitches, (and screwing them in took so practice), I decided that sticking with Addi interchangeables was the best option for me.
        Hope this long answer helps!

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      • I am really loving the Tulips. I wouldn’t have thought a change in hook could make such a difference but then, there was a time I thought that for knitting needles too. Do the Signatures not use a key to tighten the stalks into the cords? I’ve never had a KnitPicks or Karbonz unscrew itself if I’ve used the key. At this point, I can’t see spending the $ either unless they knit while I’m at work!
        Thank you so much for the information, I hope anyone reading will also find it helpful 🙂

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    • I thought I’d hate bamboo but I’ve come to love them. Crystal Palace, with the swivel cord were my favourite. I wanted to love Addi’s Naturas but CP are better and Chiaogoo Spin are just as good as CP’s. I tend to match my needle / hook choice to the yarn, so the variety is really nice to have.
      I am saving my pennies to buy the Addi lace Click set and will toss all my ancient gold cords in the donation bin – Addis have come so far since I started using them 🙂

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  1. I’m a tool and wool snob! Hate working with acrylic unless as a mix for certain items. Saying that I make an exception for James C. Brett Marble Chunky acrylic which is lush. I do probably 85% crochet, but use cheap hooks, yet I bought a snazzy set of Knitpro Symphonie interchangeable circular knitting needles last year which I haven’t yet used! Have a birthday coming up so think I need to upgrade my crochet hooks. So these comments are mega helpful! Think I can get Addi and Clover in the UK…

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    • You probably can and if you’re thinking Clover, I’d say maybe try their “Amour” line. The handles are like the Tulip Etimo – the line that I’ve fallen head over stash in love with. I’m sure you could find the Etimo in the UK.
      I confess that I like the “Marble” line too. The colours are great and I pick it up every time I’m at my LYS. The newer “Baby” acrylics in some lines are not bad at all, no squeak! 🙂

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      • Yup Amour look good but very very pricey. Knitpro waves look very similar and half the price. Knitpro Symphonie also much cheaper but not sure how I feel about double ended hooks!


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