FO Friday

I’ve finally wrapped the final test knit for Matinée II. This is a scarf version of the Matinée  Cowl and I had the joy of working this up in some of my friend Yvonne’s – of Yvieknits Yarn – merino silk bases.

Here’s Matinée II ~ Moonstone‘s portfolio:

My local LYS – Yarn Foward Kanata – had a sale this Tuesday past and I took advantage to get enough Sirdar Baby Bamboo to finish my prototype and to work the test knit. The pattern is almost written but for some fine tuning – this design really wanted out of my head!

Progress on BW Wrap so far:

And though I should not buy any new yarn – as I’m currently reorging my yarn room and will post about that in the future – I had a flash of inspiration for a bistitchual project for a baby blanket and have decided to run with it. I’ll be using black for the background and the three colours for the motifs:


Yes. I will be using acrylic / nylon. May the force be with me…

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      • That’s it I think. I love a lot of other designer’s work but I rarely make anything 100% as written these days. I’ll have to check out your tee, I don’t do garments yet as I don’t have charting / schematic software. I’m pretty sure my pencil sketches wouldn’t be considered a real bonus for a poor knitter 🙂

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