I’m In Trouble

The evil folk at Berroco have released a new yarn line called “Amano“.

I need a bib. And a llama daddy. And two more pairs of hands…

The news came via Webs and so I’m sharing their info page. You’ll want to get a bib before you look. I don’t care for bulky or chunky but could make an exception for “Puyu” and will be whining emailing Berroco today to beg suggest they manufacture a worsted weight version.

On the heels of the computer screen cleanup, another “ping” distracted me from my latest project – not Amano but you know, kinda okay (Falling Leaves Lalala…) and Meg, the evil temptress dye diva at Twisted! had sent notification that a former club colour “Zen” will be available to the rest of us!

I am definitely in trouble here and if you know a llama daddy who needs a gig, send him my way!

Have a wonderful weekend peeps!