Suffering Startitis

I seem to have ‘outstarted’ myself in the last week. This is common for me – the ADD, OCD, creative-type thing. Everything I picked up and cast on but almost immediately, went sour. Kind of how I imagine a bad first date would be. Part of it is being committed to working from my stash and if you’ve seen my Ravelry stash, you’ll understand why. Despite the size and variety, I wasn’t getting the ‘THIS!’ feeling from anything. I decided that maybe a new pattern would be the ticket and purchased a couple including, Wolfberry Knits ‘Metallicus‘ tee. It was the cure!

A new pattern, some old stash and I have a cute tee shirt ready to go for when spring arrives here. I used up some Nashua Creative Focus Linen in pale teal and am really pleased with the finished project.


Some of the survivors from the ‘startitis’ frenzy are two hexi-type stashbuster blankets. I love this pattern and that it can be worked modularly like the uber-popular ‘Sock Yarn Blanket’ from the Heathen Housewife. I have a vast amount of leftovers as well as stash and this project is great for commute knitting. The blue hued one is sock weight and the purple one is worsted. I’m working on a modified ‘Sothia‘ shawl in some old and much-loved Zen String. All of which keep me from my true dream of singing karaoke down at the pub and being ‘discovered’!

Modified Sothia shawl

Modified Sothia shawl

4 thoughts on “Suffering Startitis

  1. Yay!! :)) Thank you for posting that and so love what you with it, the yarn and colour are just gorgeous! I spent a considerable proportion of yesterday sorting stash looking for the right yarns for my Matinee II…I think it shall be rainbow 🙂 that was even though I promised myself I’d finish Lilli Pilli first…must sit on hands to stop freaking casting on!! 🙂


    • I love how this came together 🙂 So fast to knit and the A-line is flattering on my short-waisted self.
      Can’t wait to see your Matinee and admiring your willpower! I should be casting on a Lilli Pilli very soon.

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