Shop and Ravelry Updates

What’s not fun about a makeover?!

Except all the work…

The time had more than come for an investment of effort. My Etsy shop is 8 years old now and I’ve been on Ravelry since 2007. Needless to say, many photos needed updates – some still need to be scanned for upload. Things like links, tags, SEO, other social media weren’t around then and sadly some of my early posts and listings were very ‘bush league’.

Today was the day that I made time to update some old knitting project photos and with that came the motivation to do a massive revamp. I focused on Etsy and the trickle-down landed on Flickr and Ravelry. The task isn’t quite finished but close to it and I’m glad with the results. Part of the update process was to unpack, evaluate and post or pitch my many counted cross stitch kits and supplies. At one time, I was as obsessed with this craft as I currently am with knitting and the CCS stash accrued shows it! The bottom line is – I will never be able to do it all (36 kits x 1 month to complete = 3 years of samplers and that isn’t all of them!) and I have the same dilemma with my knitting. Knitting won. The prize is more room for the yarn because all of my ‘Just Nan’ sampler charts / kits are listed on Etsy and you can find those here: JN Cross Stitch. If you have any friends or family who might be ISO of these retired patterns, feel free to pass along the link. If you’d care to ‘follow’ or ‘favourite’ my shop – KeiB Designs and Knits–  please do! It’d make my day.

I took the time to update several FO photos of scarves that are in my Ravelry projects and also listed on Etsy. My ‘M’amselle’ mannequin is new and a much better model than the kitchen table, floor or Ikea cot that was my background for years :). This led to tweaking my LinkedIn and adding proper tags and descriptions to all that stuff in Flickr.

There are times that I really like this OCD thing!

How was your week in fibre and life in general?

A few of the ‘Do Overs’:

A few of the Just Nan samplers available (Careful! They’re addictive 😉 ):

4 thoughts on “Shop and Ravelry Updates

  1. You have gone to a lot of effort with all this revamping I really hope it pays off. I akso wonder about old content that I have posted and wonder whether to repost it! Those scarfs are wonderful!


    • Hi and thanks for stopping by 🙂 I’m crossing my fingers. There’s been so much change in what’s expected of even hobby / amateur bloggers and shopkeepers and the advent of SEO. I remember my first blog required CSS, HTML and actual photographs that had to be scanned and uploaded. Dinosaur tech, even for this former ‘techie’ and it’s not even a decade ago!
      If you have time to repost I say go for it! Maybe just a few at a time to keep it manageable. I’m surprised and pleased that old pictures and posts really ‘come alive’ with a few tweaks and I bet you’d find the same 🙂
      Thank you for the lovely compliment and for commenting. Hope your weekend is great!


    • It’s so worth it, if only to know that one’s ‘up to speed’. Rav has changed so much since Beta days; I had projects with no tags, no groups; stash with no pricing (things don’t update). Totally worth the time 🙂


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