I need to vent – feel free to run away now.

Some twit emailed me through my Etsy shop yesterday about some yarn. A silly question, considering the info was in the listing but I answered politely and on the off chance she might be serious, mentioned I’d listed it at discount.

She responded with: “Actually it was $__.__ .” (less than what I’d just typed).

Really? You are going to ask me a question and then call me a liar? At this point, I’m so angry I’d rather burn the yarn than sell it to her but I respond politely if firmly that I do NOT misrepresent prices.

She responded with: “…, I didn’t mean to offend you.” On what planet is calling someone a liar NOT offensive?!

Meanwhile, I’m so incensed, I’ve checked the actual yarn and to my utter chagrin, see that I’ve been wrong about a characteristic of the yarn (fortunately, not in the listing itself). Now I’m pissed off with myself for allowing my temper to get ahead of my typing but it doesn’t matter, I never want to deal with this person again. I wish Etsy offered blocking.

**Steamed** but I think I can return to my normal happy self now.

3 thoughts on “Aarrgghh!!

  1. Lol. I empathise. This week I actually deleted all my listings from etsy, number one reason I feel it’s getting too expensive, number two reason WEIRDARSE QUESTIONS from rude people all the time! Including some that try to get just enough details from me to knit a pattern without actually buying it….grrrr. And others that ask random stuff like if I think my pattern will suit them (?!?!?)…the list goes on. Have never had that happen on any other site and I was just fed up. Anyhoo. There’s my rant too. :))

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    • I know, right?! Do some of these people even know how strange / stupid they sound? This one was a doozy – “I don’t understand what I’m getting for $100.00” was her opener and it devolved from there. I had another asking for the materials list from a kit I had posted – you’d have to see it to believe it! I hate that they act like they’re at a garage sale or something. If you don’t want to buy it, don’t waste my time and if I have the patience to answer your stupid questions, at least say thank you!!

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