About The Yarnista

Hi, I’m Karin Tupper, The Eclectic Poet of “The Eclectic Poet” and KarinB of  “Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl”, both here on WordPress.

I have always been in love with The Arts. My family nurtured my imaginative and creative personality, encouraging me in all the activities I chose to learn. I am a former ballerina, ballet instructor and a lifelong student of many dance disciplines, I am a published author, my favourite style being poetry and short stories. There isn’t a fibre art that I haven’t tried  and enjoyed. My go to’s are: knit, crochet, counted cross stitch and sewing. When my kidlets were babies, I worked in a fabric shop to stay home with them and specialized as a wedding seamstress. I sing, although not in public anymore! I can still play an instrument or two; clarinet with a refresher and bass guitar, not too bad. I draw and paint, less often since I became a Mum. Mostly, I love to be creating, whatever the medium of the moment. I love learning new art forms, mastering new skills. I can’t imagine not spending time in the design or making of something… a cake, a garden, a song, a dress. I would go stir crazy without a project on the go. I am blessed to be surrounded by friends and family who are also involved in the Arts community, they keep me inspired.

I work full-time at the First Nations and Inuit Health branch of Health Canada. A challenge, a joy and very near to my heart and family roots. My immediate family. is a going concern, every new year brings new things to love and learn. As they grow, so do I. My writing blog and this one have been a great venue for meeting like-minded folk and I appreciate each and every person who takes time from their busy lives to visit, read and share here.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ll feel welcome to stay and to drop by regularly. I am not here constantly due to other projects but to all my old followers and new, you are the ones who keep my inspired to keep up with all my endeavours. I can’t thank you enough for that spark that you choose to share with me and the other folks here. Your support means the world to me.

All the best, Karin


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