Happy New Year!

Better late than never 😉

Despite the lack of blog posts in 2017, there was a vast amount of knitting and crochet completed and I hope to have that gallery finished and added to the Gallery Tab up above. The bulk of my projects were done as part of Eat.Sleep.Knit’s annual Yarnathon and I’m happy to say that my team, the Peppermint Ponies, were the winners. It was a great year for honing some skills and trying new things.

2018 promises to be another fun version of the Yarnathon with the theme being “Under The Sea”. Appropriately, I’m on team “Her-knit” crab :). All teams are already on the board and I’m excited for another year of fun, friendship and fibre-y goodness.

Our first Q1 KAL is to knit a Tin Can Knits pattern and I’m working “Prairie Fire” in some scrummy Tosh DK and it seems like a good start to this year’s projects. I’ve never done resolutions but I do hope to post more often, design a little more and still have a life in the 3D world. We’ll see how it goes; life is always changing and evolving and I’ve learned to… just keep swimming 😉


It’s official. I am a Fair Isle-in fool!

I’ve done a little of this technique over the years and though I loved the look, it never “grabbed” me. My Bestie though, bless her little enabling heart, is a fan and because she is right about darn near everything, I had to try a few projects.

Some super cute Ravelry patterns and a workshop with Deb of Sheep’s Ahoy at the Ontario Needler’s Retreat last year and… Oop! There it is 😀

Fell Off The Llama…

When I fall, it’s like all else in my life: Go big or go home!

So, the biggest fall was in love. First week of March, in defiance of my allergies and my oath to not have a pet again, a feral floof came across my FB feed and it was love at first sight. Followed by BIG love at first pet a few days later – if a feral comes right to you with head butts and purrs, you are bound to them forever 🙂

This is Gypsy, my heart-thief. Around three years-old, grey DSH, two litters of kittens by age two (poor baby, no chance to be a kitten herself), green eyes (like her mumma) and full of mischief ❤

Expensive taste!

There will be an update at some point soonish – kitty, major flood, daughter’s wedding, promotion at work… I can barely remember my name at this point!

Hope y’all are doing great and have had a wonderful summer 🙂 Cheers!

Dry Out The Digs & Rev Up The Restoration!

To celebrate the end of the flood recovery, I’m having a “Downsize The Deductible” sale at KeiB Designs and Knits on Etsy. Take 10% off any item in the shop from today until 23 July! 📦🎁🔖🤗


Stranded Colorwork Success

Reposting for quick reference as I’m currently working on my first ‘real’ fairisle project – Persian Dreams 🙂

Spirit Trail Fiberworks

I knit a lot stranded color work. I think it’s my favorite knitting technique (it’s at least in the top two, along with cables). One thing I’ve noticed about knitting with two or more colors is the number of people who comment, both on line and in person, that they either don’t think they can do it or are afraid to try.

To which I say: don’t be! It’s awesome! And really, practice does make perfect.

The most important facet of successful stranded colorwork knitting is maintaining the proper tension in the yarn that you’re NOT knitting with. It’s very easy, especially for beginners, to tighten the yarn not being used too much (the “floats”), which will create either a puckered appearance to the knitted fabric, or uneven stitches where the stitch is pulled tighter and smaller because there isn’t enough yarn being carried behind the work to maintain proper…

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