Winter Is Coming… Knit Faster!

I have some lovely Bulky and Chunky weight still kicking around and won’t be using it this season. There is enough of each of these lots to make at least a scarf and I’d love if they went to a home where they’ll be used up. All details can be found by clicking the link to my Ravelry Sale page. As always, if anyone purchases two or more lots, I will share the cost of the calculated shipping cost. If you have any questions, feel free to PM or to message me on Ravelry.

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Winter is coming… Knit scarves!

WIP Wednesday

The holidays and winter have swept me up! Here it is Wednesday again and I haven’t posted in a week. I’ve been working away on my Marisol cardigan but have hit a snag with deciphering the difference between the charted and written instructions. As I’m still a bit of a newbie with Tunisian charts, I’ve set it aside until I can put my hands on a stitch dictionary.

Having been bitten hard by the Tunisian bug, I decided to use up some more stash and have been working on another KB Design that uses it. I know… still haven’t edited the other two patterns yet. I’ll get there. If only the days were longer!

Progress to date looks like this:


My front garden looks like this:

My ice shrubbery

My wee purple smoke bush, thorns subdued with a sheet of ice. Very pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

WIP Wednesday

A very late WIP Wednesday as I’m just not feelin’ the blogging this week and because work is insane, a bit of seasonal blues and because what’s saving my sanity is this WIP.

I can hardly stand to put it down!

I figure if I’m going to be calling myself “ambicraftstrous” and “bicraftual”, I should probably post a single stick project once in a while and so…ย I’m teaching myself Tunisian Crochet. I’ve done a wee bit before, a small dishcloth worked during a class at a Needler’s Retreat a couple of years ago. When “The New Tunisian Crochet” came out, I grabbed it right away and knew it was a good excuse to get my hands on some scrummy Madeline Tosh dk. I’ve loved Tosh since before it was so posh and this dk in the “Heuchera” colourway is a new favourite. I’m working the “Marisol” Cardigan.

The fronts and back are worked in one piece and this is my progress so far:

Marisol Cardigan

I’m about to work the 2nd set of decreases and then on to the sleeves. The photo isn’t sharp but shows the variegation and how this yarn literally glows, really well.

I figured seeing as I was trying new things… and how do you keep the interest going in a long-term thing? Try new things, be adventurous, be daring and I figured a little foreign technique would really spice things up and so I give you:

My first fling with the Russian!

Keep It Fresh, Shake Things Up

I’m happy to say that the outcome was satisfactory for all, with all the bits winding up where they should be for maximum bondage, no knots, no kinks and best of all? Not a single stray end poking where it shouldn’t! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well isn't that knaughty!
I can’t believe I waited so long to try something that is so brilliant and satisfactory. Amazing how changing things up a little in the old repertoire can make things so enjoyable! I can’t see any could reason to do joins any other way, especially for crochet which can be so unforgiving of knots, joins and carries.

Anyway, Marisol calls. Hope you’re finding something wonderful to run through your fingers too ๐Ÿ˜‰

An FO!

Here is my Pax Shawl. First attempt at a true garment in Tunisian. I really love this technique and these patterns. The pattern support is free, professional and very easy to understand. I think even a beginner would find the video instruction straightforward.

Pax Shawl FinishedPax Shawl Finished - Detail

To make best use of my “orphan” skeins, I used the Fleece Artist “Pale Pink” for the main body and first three and a half motifs on each end of the lace border. The Natural Dye Studio “Pale Strawberry” for the second half of those motifs and the entire middle portion of the border. The Fleece Artist was used for the entire length of the picot edge.

I didn’t block this hard, just enough to open up the eyelets and emphasize the scallop and picot outer edge. The soak and pin really softened the hand of the Fleece Artist. It’s been quite a while since I knit with it and it is a yarn that truly benefits from a good soak.

I love it and my gorgeous Nanny, who has a 95th birthday coming at the end of this month owns a stunning creme suit that I think this will look perfect with.

Here’s a little progress photo of Concetta. Still plugging along, I do find the intense dark colour hard to work with at night so mostly this project only sees weekend hours. Rather limited those are! Daylight and a bit of flash helps to see that it’s really not just a big blob of yarn. The Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine is working up very open and light on the larger than usual pins (a design feature) and makes a really nice fabric. Anxious to see the end of it though. “Parsley” is calling me and I’m finding it VERY hard to resist the siren call of that gorgeous Manos Serena!

Last stretch. Working the yoke.

Last stretch. Working the yoke.

Pax, As Promised ~ May The 4th Be With Me!

Totally loving this! My practise piece uses up a couple of orphan skeins that were languishing in the bin. A very old Fleece Artist merino sock in a retired (by my search) colour of soft cameo pink and ivory and a Natural Dye Studio merino alpaca sock in “Pale Strawberry”.

The bottom photo shows the serendipitous colour coordination in the skein and the foundation row of sc, just before the lace chart B begins. The NDS works up a little heavier than some 4-ply so I’ve upped my hook size for this section. One repeat done and now off to get some chores and some writing done! Darn book won’t seem to write iteself…

Chart A completed

Chart A completed

Ready to begin chart B lace

Ready to begin chart B lace

Now THIS is good fibre vibe!

Now THIS is good fibre vibe!

I took a workshop in Tunisian Crochet as

I took a workshop in Tunisian Crochet as part of the activities at the 2011 Needler’s Retreat that is put on by Sheeps Ahoy! I really loved it but didn’t find any projects that really captured my imagination.

Stumbled across a series of shawls by Aoibhe Ni and am smitten!

Teaching myself from her videos as we speak and totally in love with this technique ๐Ÿ™‚

Pictures to follow soon!