WIP Wednesday

Finally digging out from under the WIP pile. Not that I mind, I am a process knitter – if someone kept changing the skein for me, I’d probably be happy working on that scarf I started when I was four! đŸ™‚

I have still not got round to say hello to all of you and I am sorry. I simply haven’t checked my WordPress email or reader in like, a month and now I’m afraid to – it’s linked to my poetry blog and… email overload! I’m not ignoring anyone, just utterly overwhelmed with social media. Please feel free to message or comment if you have something I shouldn’t miss and of course, I haven’t given up my Ravelry, Instagram or FB; you can always find me there đŸ™‚

In progress are : Rheinlust Shawl – still need to rescue those dropped, twisted stitches and so it’s in “Time Out”, Trilo Cardi – backburnered for test knitting and baby knitting, Ariel Pulli – just needs sleeves, Summer Breeze Shawl – also backburnered for baby knitting and my ScarabĂ©e Argent – anxious to finish but the test knit and Castra KAL that ended yesterday were getting all of the knitting love. I’m still waiting on that extra set of arms to grow in!

The Firefly test knit is almost complete and I’ve enjoyed working on it. Using up more stash was just a bonus. This is a new pattern from my friend Anja of Buntart on Ravelry and I think it’ll be well liked. The colour options are endless – tonal, contrast, harmonized, gradient – and the knitting is easy peasy. Details are on my Ravelry > here <.

Sneak peek:

Firefly test knit

Firefly test knit

Happy halfway there day!

WIP Wednesday

And not quite ‘Wordless Wednesday’ as we say over on the ole poetry blog! A passel of WIPs, some new and some resurrected (details on Ravelry):

So-o-o sick the last few days! Picked up a bug and they always seem worse when spring is finally starting to show herself. I can still fibre though and that’s a blessing – ain’t enough tranquilizers to calm this woman if she’s separated from her sticks and stash! :p

Happy halfway there day!

Make It Monday

Another weekend flew by! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. My home is chocolate free – I’m a toffee / butterscotch person and I spent the better part of my time hunting and organizing another donation to Goodwill. I swear some ‘bunny’ hides stuff in the closets when I’m not looking!

I’ve one FO to show for my crafty efforts, my ‘HeloĂ¯se’ Shawl is finished and likely the last finished project for National Crochet Month. I’ve a ‘Critron’ Shawlette on the hook but the combination of laceweight and entirely single crochet stitch makes for slow going and cramping hands, even with an ergo hook. My stashbusting ‘Gothic Starfish’ Afghan is coming along, though as I’m winging the striping sequence, I need another skein of the purples to finish it up. This one’s an eye-popper but will be living on a deep purple couch – not mine – so stash busted and more ‘real estate’ on my yarn shelves đŸ™‚

What’s up in WIP’s:

HeloĂ¯se’s portfolio:

I’m off to sketch a few ideas that have been percolating for a scarf / stole design – inspired by a recent purchase (shush now!!) of some Miss Babs ‘Caroline’. I’ll post the Yarn Porn later this week đŸ™‚

Have a great Monday!

FO Friday

I’ve finally wrapped the final test knit for MatinĂ©e II. This is a scarf version of the MatinĂ©e  Cowl and I had the joy of working this up in some of my friend Yvonne’s – of Yvieknits Yarn – merino silk bases.

Here’s MatinĂ©e II ~ Moonstone‘s portfolio:

My local LYS – Yarn Foward Kanata – had a sale this Tuesday past and I took advantage to get enough Sirdar Baby Bamboo to finish my prototype and to work the test knit. The pattern is almost written but for some fine tuning – this design really wanted out of my head!

Progress on BW Wrap so far:

And though I should not buy any new yarn – as I’m currently reorging my yarn room and will post about that in the future – I had a flash of inspiration for a bistitchual project for a baby blanket and have decided to run with it. I’ll be using black for the background and the three colours for the motifs:


Yes. I will be using acrylic / nylon. May the force be with me…

WIP Progress

Concetta is coming along. I’m working the patterned yoke part now.

Jubilee is my “on the go” project, small and portable and I’m about a quarter of the way through on  the do over with a different yarn.

Chameleon Blanket was just needing some more of the darkest colourway of mini mochi to continue. I lucked in and found some at Simply Socks in Fort Wayne so I hope to get back at that soon.

Recuerdos de Infancia, I haven’t worked at much. Liking it a lot but there’s no real rush to get it finished. Yet! Have finished up the main body section and about to move into the more lacey mid-section.

So nice to have found the initiative to finally get these older projects finished up. I still have Startitis but have managed the discipline to come back to the old stuff too. Now just need to get cracking on a Cafepress overhaul – so much has changed there since I first opened my shop for PSPRP logo stuff! It’s a much nicer set up.

FO’s And WIP’s This Week

Finished Thistle Mist Scarf :

Finished Thistle Mist Scarf 2

Opulent Raglan Start

Opulent Raglan

Glad to have finished the scarf – the yarn spun up so soft, a real joy to knit with. I heard back from KFI about the “Talula” so it’ll be back in the rotation next week. In the meantime, I cast on for the “Opulent Raglan” by Wendy Bernard. I’m using ToshWorsted in the “Fjord” colourway and it’s gorgeous, very soft and great stitch definition.

Two more sock patterns are in the works. My new series is Dance! The first one is being test knit (yay! and thanks M.), second one is just being translated to proper pattern format.

I received the first installment of Yarntini’s Semi Solid club and it is the most beautiful, complex, glowing blue I’ve ever seen. I may just keep this in the basket to pet and admire :).

Yarntini Semi Solid Club Aprl 2009

Yarntini Cabana Boy

And that’s it for today. Ciao!

Just Sittin’ and Knittin’

DS New Scarf Yet another scarf finished (I do live in Ottawa, Canada, after all). This is DS in his “Fundy Waves” scarf. Can’t believe I got a picture – he’s always out with friends :).

Charade sock is coming along nicely, thank goodness for the long commute. Alas, I don’t think I’ll make it for the SAM5 this month. Don’t faint anyone – I really have been devoting my time to the “Stole of Doom”.

My Miss Babs Ribby Pulli is coming along – I have to give my hands a break from the itty bitty shawl needles now and then. I’m just about to start the sleeves.

Charade sock in merino/bamboo Ribby Pulli

I have very little Yarn Pr0n lately. No really, don’t faint :). I have bought some lovely yarns for sweaters, nothing too thrilling. Haven’t received any of my January yarn clubs as yet, looking forward to the latest Booty Club – it’s supposed to be gorgeous. Cheers!

Tickled Pink Moonlight

What I’m Up To This Week

A little bit of this ‘n that. Lucky Lurker sock club for October – the colours are so pretty, even nicer in person! And Mr. Greenjeans. Owing to the persuasive powers of Connie – she twisted my arm, honestly! I’m working this in Dream In Colour’s “Gothic Rose”. Elegance socks and Trellis scarf are still on the go and I think I’ve finished my Ravelry uploading. I’m looking forward to when they expand the “Books” section of the site. I can’t believe I’ve finally got all this stuff organized – amazing!


Chevrons August Sock WIP's

I got nuthin’ – not even a shoe picture… A tummy bug has really cut into my knitting mojo. I’ve been working a little on my two Chevron Scarves, and a stitch here and there on my August socks. I’ve been reading more – always a chapter or so at night – but I’m halfway through “Whistling in the Dark” by Leslie Kagan and I can hardly put it down. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so totally immersed in a book – the writing style puts you right there, I think I’ll go and grab it when I’m finished my computer rounds :).

The Postman was kind this week, my Yarn Botanika arrived and some Twisted as well:

Yarn Botanika & Lanas Puras twisted
Take care and knit a few rows for me – maybe the yarny goodness above will speed my recovery :)…