Just Sittin’ and Knittin’

DS New Scarf Yet another scarf finished (I do live in Ottawa, Canada, after all). This is DS in his “Fundy Waves” scarf. Can’t believe I got a picture – he’s always out with friends :).

Charade sock is coming along nicely, thank goodness for the long commute. Alas, I don’t think I’ll make it for the SAM5 this month. Don’t faint anyone – I really have been devoting my time to the “Stole of Doom”.

My Miss Babs Ribby Pulli is coming along – I have to give my hands a break from the itty bitty shawl needles now and then. I’m just about to start the sleeves.

Charade sock in merino/bamboo Ribby Pulli

I have very little Yarn Pr0n lately. No really, don’t faint :). I have bought some lovely yarns for sweaters, nothing too thrilling. Haven’t received any of my January yarn clubs as yet, looking forward to the latest Booty Club – it’s supposed to be gorgeous. Cheers!

Tickled Pink Moonlight

What I’m Up To This Week

A little bit of this ‘n that. Lucky Lurker sock club for October – the colours are so pretty, even nicer in person! And Mr. Greenjeans. Owing to the persuasive powers of Connie – she twisted my arm, honestly! I’m working this in Dream In Colour’s “Gothic Rose”. Elegance socks and Trellis scarf are still on the go and I think I’ve finished my Ravelry uploading. I’m looking forward to when they expand the “Books” section of the site. I can’t believe I’ve finally got all this stuff organized – amazing!


Chevrons August Sock WIP's

I got nuthin’ – not even a shoe picture… A tummy bug has really cut into my knitting mojo. I’ve been working a little on my two Chevron Scarves, and a stitch here and there on my August socks. I’ve been reading more – always a chapter or so at night – but I’m halfway through “Whistling in the Dark” by Leslie Kagan and I can hardly put it down. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so totally immersed in a book – the writing style puts you right there, I think I’ll go and grab it when I’m finished my computer rounds :).

The Postman was kind this week, my Yarn Botanika arrived and some Twisted as well:

Yarn Botanika & Lanas Puras twisted
Take care and knit a few rows for me – maybe the yarny goodness above will speed my recovery :)…

Did You Miss Me?!

I wouldn’t normally post again so soon, but I had some pictures and was doing a little bit of “Blog Housekeeping” with all the galleries and whatnot, so here I am :).

Top photo is my progress on my most recent club yarn from the Pick Up Sticks sock club. The yarn is a Zen Yarn Garden club exclusive – the merino / nylon blend, but I bet you could find something close to it. Roxanne is a whiz with colours (please bring
back “Yukon Dew”, mm-m-m-m, and how about “Northwest Territories Spring” for a new colourway? Hint hint :).)

Bottom photo is my progress on my “Alhambra” sock using Spritely Good’s “Fairy Duster”. I’ve had this yarn for awhile, but was almost afraid to knit it – it is so beautiful!

Housekeeping included an update to the 2006 Finished Gallery and fixing up the home page of Other Fibrey Interests, hoping it’s easier to navigate now. Some new knitalongs are on my sidebar and some have been “retired”, now that they are finished to the OFI page.

Have an excellent Monday off, my fellow Canadians and HOLY CRAP!! did you see the Sens / Buffalo game yesterday?! I watched the OT period on a TV in a shopping mall downtown and the whole place went nuts when Alfie scored – I am hopping up and down still – GO SENS GO!!