Keeping You In Stitches Saturday

Who says knitting isn’t sexy???

There’s enough colour in this video for ALL OF THE EASTER EGGS! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend peeps – pun oh so intended


Llama & Alpaca ~ Not Just For Knitting Anymore

Look at these adorable fluffy butts! I bet you feel better already 😀

Happy 4th Of July!

Better late than never 🙂

SEP Cover 1931, The Original Swift, Knitting, Crochet, Spinning

Although my branch came to Canada as Loyalists during the American Revolution, many Tuppers chose to stay and odds are very good, we be cousins!

I’ve been working away on my  Tour de France KAL shawl, my friend Natalie’s lovely Gavrinis and loving it. I expect I should have Chart D finished this evening.