Meet Morisot

I’m not sure what I’m doing right. Oh yeah! Staying off the computer and knitting 😉

I finished up my Morisot Sweater this weekend:

Morisot Finished 2

I love it and there are more photos of it here KarinB on my Ravelry profile.

I also managed to block another shawl. I did. I know! My Père Lachaise Shawl, the 2013 Tour de France project designed by my friend Natalie Servant, is finally wearable.

I wouldn’t normally pair a variegated yarn with a lace pattern but there was so much stocking stitch in this design, I thought I’d use up a little bit of stash.

Père Lachaise Shawl ~ Finished

Père Lachaise Shawl ~ Finished 2


I also made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and cooked up a ton of gluten-free fettucine to make my lunches for the week, as well as cheese omelettes for my breakfast. That and an evening out with a friend Saturday night to a local pub to see two really talented and entertaining bands made for one very good weekend. This in spite of a cold that kept trying to spoil my fun. Ha! Take THAT (swallows more Advil Cold & Sinus) evil cold germs.

I’ll spare you pictures of the food – that’s what Instagram is for!

The Blues

Moorland Cardigan by Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl Pix
Moorland Cardigan, a photo by Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl Pix on Flickr.Looking forward to starting this. I’ve had it queued forever! I’m using Classic Elite “Moorland” in Baliol Blue, a gorgeous heathered alpaca, mohair, merino.
Speaking of blue, Bluesfest opens this week here in Ottawa. Always a good time, so many great acts to choose from. The Black Keys and Peter Frampton are on my “must see” list this year.
Something to chase away The Blues: Just Knitting sneak peak of the new store. Can’t wait! Great location, great management and plenty of fibre temptation. I’m tempted to beg for a part time job there! A Knit Night is always a good remedy for work week blues. Had an awesome mini stitch ‘n bitch with my Besties last night. No world issues were solved but some significant yardage was worked!
Leaving you with a glimpse of blue that is good for the soul:

Cheers All!

My New Hat

My New Hat by Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl Pix
My New Hat, a photo by Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl Pix on Flickr.
Violet alpaca and knitted by someone else :).
One of the best folk duos around is
Madison Violet and at their gig 16 April, Lisa mentioned that Brenley’s Mum had knit these as part of their promo merchandise. So now I got the tee shirt and the hat!

Hmm… Don’t it make my green eyes blue?

And here’s what I’m working on:

Quartz Tunic Progress 1

Shaping is done and doing a couple mods for this version. My first was done to pattern specs, will change up the sleeves and hem for this one. Using Wildflower Whimzy Sakura (merino / bamboo blend) in the “Rumours” colourway. Soft, subltle – love it!

And Here’s The More…

Ha! That one made me laugh :). ‘Tis the season for jokes circulating at work… I do have more FO’s and (drumroll please) will actually have completed a pair of socks by year’s end.
I KNOW… How does a designer of primarily socks only manage one pair in a calendar year? Things have been busy and interesting. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
Here’s a little Yarn Pr0n for you. I’ve shown admirable restraint this year but have joined “The Victorian Writers” club as well as the Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop club for 2011.
Cherry pickin’ from now on lest my friends and family stage an intervention!

Musically, we continue on with the Open Mics, always fun. Recently saw Ozzy Ozbourne for the first time with my Bestest Friend Frankie. This is us at our mini pre-show:

So, all this music stuff (and I finally have the time to get back into it!) lead me on a quest to find some of my old favourite tunes. I have some pretty obscure and eclectic tastes and it hasn’t been easy to find and upload everything that I want. Thank goodness for acquiring a turntable where I can play my old British imports, EP’s and Canadian Indie and convert it to CD – BEST INVENTION EVAH!
What I did find was a fabulous blast from the past. A huge concert that I attended, dubbed “The Woodstock of Punk” and actually called “Heatwave”:

For my former friends who attended with me, I think you may still actually get a kick out of the advertising poster above and here is a link to the website where someone (bless their little punk rock hearts) has supplied a link to mp3 versions of the entire set played by Teenage Head, one of the best punk bands to come out of Canada.

Who’d have thought this event would even wind up on Wikipedia? Pretty neat stuff. See kids? Your Mama DOES have great taste in music!

I recently sent one of the songs to an acquaintance without all this background reference – my bad!
Note to self: email is never the best of communication tools…

Anyway, here’s the complete story. Hope y’all enjoy this little “Blast from the past”. I’ve been so happy to have recently seen some of these bands again (B-52’s at Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest 2010, etc.) and they still kick a*se!!