Make It Monday

Mai-sen is completed. This is my test knit / crochet based upon Geisha. I revamped the construction slightly and like it better for ease and minimizing finishing. I’m all about less finishing. Mai-sen was another stashbusting project too, some very elderly but gorgeous Zen Yarn Garden serenity lace and squooshy sock. Both were club exclusives via Woolgirl and serendipitously, they played nicely together.

Here is Mai-sen’s CV:


Back To Reality

All good things must end and so does my summer vacation. No long-lost, distantly related benefactor conveniently kicked the bucket, leaving me with an inheritance. It’s sure been nice being able to dedicate time to getting settled. There’s still lots to do but things are coming together really well. Having a wee nook in the kitchen to work at, write my posts, plan meals, is wonderful and I’ve a dedicated corner in the living room for knitting.

I’m making good use of that with the Addewid MKAL back in swing with Clue 2 being released on Friday, the 8th. This section worked up really quickly. The lace pattern Abigail chose for this is very intuitive and it was done before I knew it!

Addewid MKAL Clue 2 Finished

This late night photo doesn’t show the subtle placement of beads very well but they are there in the tips of each “petal”.

Finishing left me looking for something to work on and as I’m trying to clear out some of my ancient WIP’s, I dug out the “Pleasance Shawl“. Pleasance was a kit offered in what back in 2011, was called “The Victorian Writers Club” (now the “Classic Writers Club”, via Woolgirl, one of my favourite online wool shops. Unfortunately, after getting started, I’d set down the pattern somewhere and over the course of two  moves, it was no where to be found. However, fortune smiled last week when a Raveller saw my post, looking for a copy (there weren’t downloadable versions at the time of release) and was able to send me a replacement. I did have to frog it back a little, as I sat down to get started, I noticed that one of my nupps had gone bad. Its “nuppies” were coming unravelled and there was no saving a 7-stitch nupp. I’m back on track now and hopefully, this bad boy will be finished up in a week or so.

I never did take any progress photos but here is the Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk in the club colourway “Wonderland”.

Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk

Yarn Pr0n

Still slogging away at the same three projects and we’ve 20cm of snow down overnight! This would be cool if grownups were allowed to have “Snow Days” but alas, I’ll be out in that shortly. It is pretty at this hour, no footprints or tire tracks to mar it and the sky has that pinkish, pre-dawn glow.

A little bit of happy warmed my mailbox yesterday afternoon. More inspiration to wrap these stragglers up and get on to a new project. The first shipment in the Verdant Gryphon‘s Codex club. This is one of my favourite yarns and not easy to get hold of. I couldn’t resist. Part of the fun are the unique names that all the yarns in VG’s line have 🙂

Here’s a little peek at the goodies and hopefully next post will be all FO’s.

The Jackal That Fell Into A Dyer's Vat

The Jackal That Fell Into A Dyer’s Vat

First shipment

First shipment

Anaea and Blackwood Shawls Finished

They aren’t blocked but I don’t count that. I’m a Process Knitter.

Finished, not blocked

Finished, not blocked

I did a mod in the last row of the border. Very happy with it.

I did a mod in the last row of the border. Very happy with it.

And here is Anaea. This took just three days to complete! I did have three days off last week, so was able to work at it the way I wish I could with all the things I’d rather be doing. Again, not blocked. This one will benefit from that, the Blackwood with its heavy silk content, drapes in a way that the stitches are quite open without. This one  though will need a Soak bath and to have the T-pin treatment.

 Awaiting A Blocking.

Awaiting A Blocking.

And a little Yarn Pr0n to show. My March Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnista selections arrived Friday. Maui and Cabo on the Springvale sock base. Springvale is a fingering / 4 ply, 100% Merino. I love that it has a nice, tight twist – gives lots of “spring” and great stitch definition and yet is still soft. Sad though, Sharon announced that this will be the last of her wonderful clubs. I’ll miss the exclusives but very glad that her yarns will still be available at some online stores.

Cabo and Maui on the Springvale base.

The last of this club from Three Irish Girls.

It Begins…

Operation “Finish DS’s Afghan” has commenced. I untangled the 7 skeins and am ready to get this done once and for all. I often set things down for extended periods, so many projects that I want to do but its definitely time to get this out of the house and off to The Boy. We need the real estate of that room!

Here’s how it looks now, at about the halfway point. Working it all in one piece, so as to avoid seaming. Avoiding sewing up knitted pieces is my specialty.

Returned to active duty.

Returned to active duty.

The colours are deep and rich, chosen by DS, back when this started. I think he’ll be glad to finally have it to throw over his bed.

Yesterday, my first instalment of Three Irish Girls “Sock Yarnista” club arrived. The February selection is a merino / silk blend and is just beautiful in person. Nice, tight twist; soft. The 20% silk adds a gentle sheen to the colours. I love it and going to try my hand at an “Ulmus” style shawl design, where both the variegated and the subtle solid can be worked together.

Club colourways for February 2013

Club colourways for February 2013

New room and, new addition, looking forward to that. Not decided on colours as yet but these combinations are speaking to me. The first is a traditional design, not as traditional colours. I find that very appealing.The second is a technique I haven’t tried before, it looks fun and versatile.

Baby Blanket

Bavarian Front

The above pattern suggests Art Deco to me – one of my favourite styles. Worked in Pink, cream and black, it would be so pretty and feminine with a bit of a twist. It would fit in perfectly with this decor:

Deco girls nursery

Guess I better wrap this entry and get on with the knitting!

Florentina Progress

Slow but sure… it’s been hard getting back to the cold, harsh reality of winter in Ottawa after our “Honeymoon”. Getting back in the swing now. Hmm… Guild this coming Monday and some rocking good times with a few friends. A hint of Spring in the air this morning as I walked down to my LYS, Yarn Forward in Kanata. Of course, that called for a celebratory skein of Lana Grossa Solo :-), a Ravelry update and now, must organize patterns. I need an assistant to deal with all the fibre-y goodness I have kicking around here…

Crown Mountain Farms Sock Club KeiB and Jules 18 March 2011It Followed Me Home

I Have A Blog?

Finished Flutter Scarf Correct Colour

Finished Skye Scarf

Finished I Dreamed Of Africa Unblocked

Finished up a few things… Have started some older (mouldy) WIP’s over again. Some are getting a total makeover and hopefully will be done soon. I AM rather underwhelmed with the many things that are lurking around on the needles.

The cure for that? Start something new and buy more yarn! Will cast on for “Moth Orchid Shawl” tonight and am debating if I want to rewrite the “Heather Hoodie Vest” for worsted – bulky bulks me up. And not in a good way.

Some gorgeous yarn club deliveries from July. The Embrace The Lace shipment is amazing!

ETA: First release in the “Dance!” sock series is available here. This is the second in the 3 part series, the first will be more widely available soon. Thanks for looking.

Happy Beltane, Calan Mai !

KB Designs New Scarf Progress 1 KB Designs New Scarf Progress No name yet scarf

Working away on several projects. This one is resurrected. The original stitch I chose just didn’t show off this gorgeous handspun at all, so it sat in the basket. I think I’ve found something that works a little better and it’s getting lots of love as my “Commute” project. The second photo is the best representation of the colour.

I have a new sock design in the works. I’m really enjoying working on it and looking forward to getting it written up. The yarn is DkKnits “Special Occasion” and it is fabulous to knit with, a little silk and silver never hurt anyone :).

The April Sock clubs have mostly arrived, the Wool Girl April is gorgeous as always and my Yarn Pirate – yummy! (you’ll have to take my word until I have a photo). Zen Mama outdid herself this month 🙂 – will have to really think about what will do these beauties justice…

WG April Club Goodies Zen String March Clubs