No Classic Editor Anymore?

Sorry if this looks bizarre – I haven’t used WP in ages and it seems that the Classic Editor option has been removed. Appropriate as today – 31 March 2021 – is the day that Ravelry is removing the Classic View workaround for those of us who had visibility issues with it.

Four days from a cataract surgery, this is even more apparent to me now. Clearly, WordPress and Ravelry don’t give a shit about such an insignificant portion of their users but this is my blog and my opinion albeit likely one of the last times I’ll share anything here. Below is an article that suggests a “silence for Ravelry”. I’ll be paricipaing. Hope you will to at least in support of those of us who can no longer use it.


It’s official. I am a Fair Isle-in fool!

I’ve done a little of this technique over the years and though I loved the look, it never “grabbed” me. My Bestie though, bless her little enabling heart, is a fan and because she is right about darn near everything, I had to try a few projects.

Some super cute Ravelry patterns and a workshop with Deb of Sheep’s Ahoy at the Ontario Needler’s Retreat last year and… Oop! There it is 😀

Fell Off The Llama…

When I fall, it’s like all else in my life: Go big or go home!

So, the biggest fall was in love. First week of March, in defiance of my allergies and my oath to not have a pet again, a feral floof came across my FB feed and it was love at first sight. Followed by BIG love at first pet a few days later – if a feral comes right to you with head butts and purrs, you are bound to them forever 🙂

This is Gypsy, my heart-thief. Around three years-old, grey DSH, two litters of kittens by age two (poor baby, no chance to be a kitten herself), green eyes (like her mumma) and full of mischief ❤

Expensive taste!

There will be an update at some point soonish – kitty, major flood, daughter’s wedding, promotion at work… I can barely remember my name at this point!

Hope y’all are doing great and have had a wonderful summer 🙂 Cheers!

If Starting New Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right

Eep! Started this post a week ago and never finished it either ~ Startitis is strong with this one! ~ Anyway, I’m not going to waste a perfectly good draft so here’s the beginning and I’ll pick up the thread pun definitely intended, further on.



I have a low-level version of this all the time but – holy crap! – it’s out of control right now.

I’m trying to maintain my usual circuit knitting method, going back and forth so that all is eventually finished but there’s just too much shiny in my queue and items I want to finish to take with me to Retreat in a few weeks.

My Starburst hat is finished, just need to buy some balloons to block it out to its proper Rasta dimensions, a Solace cardi, and a KeiB Design crochet project (for more ESK badges) and my Dulce de Leche, also poor, sleeveless Ruisseaux – so close and yet so far.

So, I’ve pretty much psyched myself out with my own nonsense and the perfect remedy for that? Start a crochet project of course!

I’m working on Kleine Blümchen, a lovely, filet-crochet shawl in some newly acquired (Shush now!) Malabrigo Sock on “Lotus”. It’s flying off the hook and I love it – can I say that? This one I’m keeping for me 🙂


So, Kleine Blümchen is finished and submitted for achievement points in the 2016 Yarnathon, the other projects are on a temporary hold while I try and sneak in one more points-worthy project: Aurora Borealis Scarf / Stole. It’ll then be time to start organizing and packing for Needler’s Retreat 2016. Woot! I can’t believe it’s that time again and am especially grateful to be participating this year as I’m going on scholarship. Feeling very fortunate indeed. Follows are the photos of KB Shawl and Frozen Lake shawl – finished for some time but just blocked. Poor Starburst hat is still not blocked but I did buy the balloons I need to block it properly and finish! 🙂

Kleine Blümchen Shawl:

Frozen Lake Shawl Details:

Happy 4th Of July!

Better late than never 🙂

SEP Cover 1931, The Original Swift, Knitting, Crochet, Spinning

Although my branch came to Canada as Loyalists during the American Revolution, many Tuppers chose to stay and odds are very good, we be cousins!

I’ve been working away on my  Tour de France KAL shawl, my friend Natalie’s lovely Gavrinis and loving it. I expect I should have Chart D finished this evening.

Save Mooney’s Bay ~ This Is The Peoples’ Voice

Getting political for a moment here. Please sign the petition if you’re local or on principle if you’re not. The world doesn’t need to start giving away its greenspace to reality TV shows.
On a slighly lighter note: This is also a great KIP space!

The Eclectic Poet

Please help me save this beautiful greenspace in my city. This isn’t your city but I think many of us believe in saving trees, free beaches, picnics and not letting local government bulldoze these things to accommodate the whim of a reality show. Money should never have a louder voice than the facts or the will of the people.

Thank you in advance from me, my kids and my future grandkids.

Save Mooney’s Bay – please sign on principle

Facebook Page: Save Mooney’s Bay – please like, read or follow

Our WordPress page – please follow and tweet hell out of any posts that resonate with you:

@ottawacitizen, @ctvottawa, @ottnews, @kateportercbc, @ottawasuncom, @cfraottawa, cbcottawa @JimWatsonOttawa

#canada150, #giver150, #letsgiver, #ottawacity, #onpoli, #tvokids

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2015 in review

I swear this was the fastest year of my life!

The good, the bad, the happy, the sad… Thank you for being here. Your likes, comments and support mean more than you could know.

Wishing all of you the very best in the coming year

~ kei

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 51,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 19 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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