Autumn Bides Her Time

I can feel it in the air already and the subtle change in the quality of the light… autumn will be her again almost before I had a chance to welcome summer. A month after my move here, month and a bit, I guess, I’m still unpacking and moving in. Opening boxes from my home that were never looked at during my stay at the apartment. Sometimes, it’s like opening gifts. I’ve found things that I didn’t know I missed and here, in their proper context of a home, they make me happy all over again. So much to be grateful for.

Some of the first boxes have been all my knitting and crafting supplies. I did a post in the early days of the apartment that was 1/3 of a humourous “full disclosure” about the size of my stash and during the actual move, it’s size was apparent even to the moving guys. I’m pretty sure it may become a moving legend 🙂 I’m having fun though going through and organizing it into an actual room; matching yarn to patterns and discovering a few gems.

With the weather as it is and the first few yarn company ads for fall wear starting to show up – just like those lone renegade red leaves among the green – I was looking at the heavier weight yarns and those deeper, richer colours. I have a lot. So much that right off the top, I know I won’t get to these (again) this year and it’s time to try and find them a good home.

Noro Niji in “Winter Bouquet“, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan in “Garnet” and Elann Uros Aran in “Desert Rose“.

Autumnal Colours

These beauties are all 10-ply (heavy worsted to aran weight). There is enough in each lot for a good size project; a hat and scarf, vest, etc. With the interest in textural and modular knitting, I think all three together would make a luxurious and visually interesting afghan. I’m selling as lots only, if you are looking for a small quantity, sharing with a friend might be an idea. If anyone is interested in all three lots, either for different projects or to make up the afghan, I would cover half the shipping cost to the US, UK or Canada (a Canada Post quote would be provided in advance based on your address).

Fall Yearnings In Yarn

The shades and tones of autumn

This photo shows how nicely these play together, the solids picking up various shades in the varigated. The textures could be used to great effect in a modular lap blanket. All the yarn bases are different but they are all natural, but for the Debbie Bliss, with 30% microfibre. You can find more details by clicking the links above and feel free to message me on the tab at the top of the page if interested in purchasing the entire lot.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.

A Change In The Air

I’m starting to think about Autumn projects, despite the very warm temperature here. There is a change in the air, folks getting ready for back to school, something that still gives me a little thrill. Nothing like new notebooks and pens. They always felt like untapped potential to me, even in grade school. We’ll be with a new school board this year – thank goodness!

Anyway… On to the knitting. I know. haven’t finished the test knit yet but… I have all this yarn and… and people wanting handknits!

That’s my story, gonna knit with it. These are in my queue for September:

The Beau would look good in this sweater. I’m thinking a cotton / wool for his in chambray blue.

New project for The Beau.

New project for The Hubby.

DSDitto has been wanting a scarf, so I’ll have to scare up something washable for him. I’m thinking a blue and burgundy variation of my denim waves scarf that I knit for DS. The girls can knit and crochet respectively, I’m thinking I should be asking someone to make something for me! I’m just about to the end of the blanket that DS requested.

For me, I am so diggin’ this sweater. Love Vanessa Smith’s designs. Modern, clean and with great attention to detail.

Sweater for me.

I couldn’t resist signing up for Stephen West’s latest KAL, Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013: Colour Craving. I just purchased the pattern today and chose The Plucky Knitter’s Primo for my yarn. I am ridiculously in love with this stuff. It has been an absolute joy to work with for my test knit design – which will be finished by the weekend for sure.

And now… to the cloning facility so I can get all this done!