FO Friday ~ Jungle Superhero Pram Blanket

Off the hook and going soon to Mama, Papa and Baby.
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JSPB’s portfolio:

I’ve been somewhat AWOL the last couple of weeks. Mostly to be sure JSPB was finished but also am participating in Yarn Love’s Castra KAL and test knitting a shawl for my friend Anja (it’s interesting and fun – you’ll want it 🙂 ).and will have an update later this week.

I’m working hard supporting the ‘Save Mooney’s Bay‘ community group and this is my priority at the moment.

A member created this wonderful Youtube video that hits the highlights and provides a link where you can add your voice. Your support would be very appreciated.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Crochet Pattern Freebie

I found this pretty pram blanket pattern on ‘Crochet Ever After’.
If you missed it, here is a link to the description that includes pattern download and a YouTube video tutorial for working the stitch. I’m so happy to have a baby to knit for again!

Source: Waffle Weave Stitch Baby Blanket Workshop – Crochet Ever After

©Deja Detmir

Waffle weave pram blanket by Deja Detmir

FO Friday

I’ve finally wrapped the final test knit for MatinĂ©e II. This is a scarf version of the MatinĂ©e  Cowl and I had the joy of working this up in some of my friend Yvonne’s – of Yvieknits Yarn – merino silk bases.

Here’s MatinĂ©e II ~ Moonstone‘s portfolio:

My local LYS – Yarn Foward Kanata – had a sale this Tuesday past and I took advantage to get enough Sirdar Baby Bamboo to finish my prototype and to work the test knit. The pattern is almost written but for some fine tuning – this design really wanted out of my head!

Progress on BW Wrap so far:

And though I should not buy any new yarn – as I’m currently reorging my yarn room and will post about that in the future – I had a flash of inspiration for a bistitchual project for a baby blanket and have decided to run with it. I’ll be using black for the background and the three colours for the motifs:


Yes. I will be using acrylic / nylon. May the force be with me…

Crochet Hearts And I Heart Crochet

I seem to be on a bit of a crochet “jag” lately.

The two baby blankets, Chameleon and Requerdos, are coming along nicely. Group shot below.

Recuerdos de Infancia - WIP

Recuerdos de Infancia – WIP


Five down, sixth on the hook.

Five down, sixth on the hook.

Working with the Baruffa lace has been a joy. So soft and works up with a nice “squish”. As I’m still waiting on a proper sized needle to start the sleeves for my Concetta cardigan, I thought I’d revisit an aging WIP: my Blackwood Shawl.

I started this thinking I had a great combination of yarn, hook and colour. Unfortunately, the particular alpaca that I had on hand is a little on the fuzzy side and was obscuring the stitches. I really like the pattern and the yarn would be great for something else but… something else caught my eye just as the bloom was fading off my enthusiasm for this project and… Its been in the bin ever since.

With this new-found love for the hook, I went looking for a shawl pattern and realized this one still speaks to me. A little stash-diving later and I came up with a gorgeous Zen Yarn Garden 100% silk single, fingering weight. This is an exclusive colourway “G.I. Jane” from The Yarn Company. Finally out of its cello wrap and I am cautiously working my way through the first set up rounds as I type.

As always, holding my breath for having spoken of a WIP aloud. I’m hoping the reverse psychology of admitting to a project and perhaps having people wonder what becomes of it will be enough inspiration to finish it up.

Back from the WIP bin!

Beginning with a new yarn / hook combo.

So many lovely projects come across my screen, this one caught my eye, again for a baby blanket and this blog looks like it’ll be inspiring too!

heart square

New Boots, New Baby Blanket

Finally destashing this beautiful Baruffa merino 2-ply lace. I’ve had it so long, I’ve forgotten what I purchased it for. Yes, sometimes I bought yarn with an actual intent to use it and not just add to my hoard!

Nine months! Oh snap... Thought it was nine YEARS!

Nine months! Oh snap… Thought it was nine YEARS!

I’m working the “Recuerdos de Infancia” crochet shawl or as I’m calling it “Baby’s Christening Shawl” I’ve down-sized the hook that’s called for as the pattern is written for fingering and I’m using lace weight. Likely, I’ll be doing more repeats to get close to the same finished size. Feels rather like working with spider’s web after all of those worsted weight scarves!

Third square for my Chameleon Baby Blanket is finished, six more to complete the parts of the centre panel.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

SPNF#7? I’m working on it…

The Beau was off on a business trip and brought me back some cowboy boots. I’m thinking I may have found the inspiration to get the 3rd design for my dance-inspired sock series onto some graph paper. This will mean that my title of “Queen of Procrastination” will be up for contenders 😉

Good Friday Fibre Progress

Its a beautiful, sunshine Friday here and the best part is having time to kick back and relax. I could almost enjoy that I’m getting housework done too!

I’m working on the 3rd square of my baby blanket. This one is in the “Feldspar” colourway with “Storm Cloud” as the contrast.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Progress.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Progress.

And here is how the 2nd one came out. I’m really liking the stitch pattern, so much that I’ve begun planning colours for the next blanket.

Second square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

Second square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

The afternoon will bring finishing, tucking in tails on one of the SPNF scarves. Looking forward to having those photographed and “out the door”.

Wishing you all a beautiful Ostara or Easter if you are observing. Cheers!

FO’s And Progress

Finished SPNF #10! Yay!!

Scarves Plain 'N Fancy #10

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy #10

Umm… SPNF #7?

I’m working on it…

Finished the first square in my baby blanket – love it and am halfway through the second.

First square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

First square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

I love the fpdc – it adds such nice texture and really emphasizes the “Stained Glass” effect in the pattern. My first square is the “Storm Cloud” and “Rainbow Trout” colourways. The second one is “Storm Cloud” and “Bodega Bay”.

I am really looking forward to the coming long weekend. Two extra days to putter with yarn and hopefully get #7 finished and then the lot of them to Etsy. I have some editing to do on a sock pattern – an old club exclusive, never available to the general public. If I can accomplish all that, I’ll be very happy!


We Now Return You To The Knitting Content

I am diligently plodding along on those last two scarves:

SPNF #7 AND #10 - Progress

I got distracted by this little bit of shiny:

Chameleon Baby Blanket - StartChameleon Baby Blanket - Detail

This is my first square in the Chameleon Baby Blanket using the CPY Mini Mochi that I posted a while back. I had to learn the fpdc stitch and I’m convinced that I’m doing it wrong but it looks as all the other finished blankets I’ve seen, so I’m forging ahead. I love the colour shifts in the mini mochi, very pretty.

And a little yarn pr0n:

Manos Serena

I NEEDED  to buy a certain type circular from Jimmy Beans, this fell into the cart on the way out. Manos Serena, a pima and baby alpaca blend. I’m thinking perhaps the Dahlia Cardigan for this.

I had some time on my hands this weekend and so updated my galleries. 2008, 2009, 2013 and the Reader gallery have all been added to WordPress and links are given at the top of each page to the Flickr sets where you can find needle, yarn and project information.

It Begins…

Operation “Finish DS’s Afghan” has commenced. I untangled the 7 skeins and am ready to get this done once and for all. I often set things down for extended periods, so many projects that I want to do but its definitely time to get this out of the house and off to The Boy. We need the real estate of that room!

Here’s how it looks now, at about the halfway point. Working it all in one piece, so as to avoid seaming. Avoiding sewing up knitted pieces is my specialty.

Returned to active duty.

Returned to active duty.

The colours are deep and rich, chosen by DS, back when this started. I think he’ll be glad to finally have it to throw over his bed.

Yesterday, my first instalment of Three Irish Girls “Sock Yarnista” club arrived. The February selection is a merino / silk blend and is just beautiful in person. Nice, tight twist; soft. The 20% silk adds a gentle sheen to the colours. I love it and going to try my hand at an “Ulmus” style shawl design, where both the variegated and the subtle solid can be worked together.

Club colourways for February 2013

Club colourways for February 2013

New room and, new addition, looking forward to that. Not decided on colours as yet but these combinations are speaking to me. The first is a traditional design, not as traditional colours. I find that very appealing.The second is a technique I haven’t tried before, it looks fun and versatile.

Baby Blanket

Bavarian Front

The above pattern suggests Art Deco to me – one of my favourite styles. Worked in Pink, cream and black, it would be so pretty and feminine with a bit of a twist. It would fit in perfectly with this decor:

Deco girls nursery

Guess I better wrap this entry and get on with the knitting!