Designer Spotlight: Filigree by Karin Bole Tupper

Designer Spotlight: Filigree by Karin Bole Tupper

I can finally share this!
I’m beyond honoured, happy and humbled to have been featured in Berroco’s Designer Spotlight.

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If a hurricane hit a yarn shop, it might look something like Karin Bole Tupper’s workspace mid-design. Her process might not be pretty, but the results are!

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Finished Fan-Dango

One more project finished this week – my Turquoise Fan-Dango, worked from Annette Petavy’s “Buttercream Shawl”.

Worked at a larger tension and with a tiny mod, here are the finished (unblocked) photos:


Filigree Is Available In The Ravelry Shop

Never too early to begin with your Christmas, Etc. gift making ūüôā

You can find Filigree, my latest scarf pattern at the link below and please feel free to add me on Ravelry (KarinB) or to join the PSPRP group on Ravelry.

Filigree ~ Eyelet & Tailored Ruffle Scarf

It’ll be up on Etsy and Craftsy soon.

Cheers All!

Filigree ©by KeiB Designs

Filigree ©by KeiB Designs

FO Friday :)

I just realized how badly misinterpreted that post title could be by knitting muggles…

Alas, they shall have to remain uninitiated :p

I wrapped up the prototype for “Filigree” today and am mostly happy with it. I’m going to tweak a thing or two for the testknit. I reclaimed some Handmaiden Camelspin in the rose garden colourway for the that. I’m looking forward to knitting it all over again!

My Lazy Ripple¬†is done too, so lazy that I’m not going to block it. It’s lazy because there weren’t formal row counts. This was meant totally for stashbusting and so I used every bit of all the skeins. I like how it came out and I hope there’ll be some babies show up in my circle to gift it to ūüôā

Photos of both:


Man! This catchy title thing is hard!

No FO’s today. I’m squirrelling away at a prototype for a new pattern and working a stashbusting pram blanket. My fingers have been giving me hell, so the blanket is crochet, just to break up the repetitive motion.

Just a wee peek at both and then I’m back at it:

Happy :)

I’m finding a nice rhythm to capturing ideas before they flit away on the wings of ADD – not just with my crafting but the writing too. Taking a moment to simply sketch a few lines and write a word or two has increased my productivity and sleeping with my journal close by to capture those Giller Prize worthy phrases (lol!) helps too.

The positive reinforcement of being at my LYS when a customer who’d purchased “Les Cloches Cannel√©es“, and was at the store for her yarn was amazing! My Bestie works at Yarn Forward, the talented and gorgeous Francine of “Fancy That” and she has been huge in helping get the word out. I’m looking forward to sharing a picture of her scarf when it’s finished.

Being there on a day that all yarn was 20% off was inspirational and dangerous. Dangerous to my pocketbook but inspirational for test knitting a combination pattern that’s been percolating. I love crochet almost as much as knitting and often combine the two crafts. This latest idea may make it to a pattern format if all goes well. I’ve begun with a crochet motif and rounding out the idea with knitting. The Berroco¬†“Folio” that I couldn’t say no to, is a treat to work with. Soft, light and warm; it works up beautifully airy on the recommended pins.

Progress so far (working name is “Arcadia Cowl”):

Arcadia Cowl ~ Progress 1

©KeiB Designs