FO Friday ~ Tuscan Medallion Afghan

Not only am I hooked on crochet just lately; I seem to also be a little “star struck” ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘Tuscan Medallion’ is another star-shaped afghan, this one with twelve points and big! TMA was started specifically to liberate some old Zen String Bliss Aran from yarn incarceration and to use some odd ball colours of Cascade 220. I was a little leery about the combo at the start – the ZS variegated isn’t “my” colours but as it grew, it did seem a little like some of the pretty tile work that I’m drawn to ie: kitchen backsplash renos on Pinterest! My project notes for this one are on Ravelry -> here <-

TMA’s portfolio:

The additional Cherub DK that I need to finish up ‘Gothic Starfish‘ has finally arrivedย and I’m back at it to try to wrap it upย and get it out the door to the owner of the purple sofa.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

A Process Knitter’s FO

Tipsy Lizzy (The Elizabeth Shawl) is off the needles as of yesterday.

Not blocked, there truly is no room in this place to block, it’s not just my dislike of blocking! I won’t have that excuse at my new home ๐Ÿ™‚


Lizzy came out quite large, even before blocking and truthfully, I can’t wait to see it fully completed. The lacework was a joy and the Hedgehog Fibres BFL lace just glows in the stockingette sections close to the border.

Tipsy Lizzy Shawl - not blocked

Tipsy Lizzy Shawl – not blocked

I’ve pulled out the Peter Pan Mystery Shawl and Jacaranda (Jose) Cardigan for my next “get finished” projects. Time is flying by in these countdown days to moving and it makes sense to just wrap some things up – no pun ย – moving that darn Craft Room again is going to be a monster pain. Must. Knit. Faster…

Of course, for anyone who can help lighten the load, I’ve still plenty gorgeous yarn for sale in my “Stash” over on Ravelry. Right here actually ;-). Ryan Gosling would never steer you wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Monday All!

Make It Mon… Oh Hell, I Give Up…

I got nuthin’ but WIP’s. I am whipping them good!

Finally getting some quality time with the PP MKAL Clue 7, the border and it goes quickly when I actually knit and not over on my sister blog, writing. Progress when I took the photo:

IMG_3475When I’m not all about Peter Pan, I am all about Elizabeth. My “Tipsy Lizzy” is coming along nicely.

You’ll have to take my word as the photo still looks like a red blob:

Tipsy Lizzy progress

Tipsy Lizzy progress

WIP Wednesday

One more FO first:

Second Snow Day Hat

Second Snow Day Hat

Slow but sure, I’m getting this particular lot of Noro Silk Garden Aran used up. It started life as the “Tula” Cardigan and unfortunately, I misplaced the notes for that one. Moving is such a pain! This one will have the matching fingerless gloves soon and then off to my shop with the Dream In Colour set.

Finishing a project is sometimes a letdown and so to allleviate my post-Hanging Garden Stole lace hangover, I cast on a shawl in my Hedgehog Fibres BFL Lace from last November’s Needler’s Retreat. The colourway is “Merlot” and it positively glows! I’m working the “Elizabeth” Shawl by Dee O’Keefe

and mine has been dubbed: Tipsy Lizzy Shawl :):

KarinB's Tipsy Lizzy Shawl

KarinB’s Tipsy Lizzy Shawl

Halfway through another week already! I can’t believe we are almost at the end of February. Workplace moving preparations will be ramping up, hopefully with no service disruptions to the communities we serve. Knitting is saving my sanity as per usual ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope your week is going well. Cheers!

Yarn Pr0n

Still slogging away at the same three projects and we’ve 20cm of snow down overnight! This would be cool if grownups were allowed to have “Snow Days” but alas, I’ll be out in that shortly. It is pretty at this hour, no footprints or tire tracks to mar it and the sky has that pinkish, pre-dawn glow.

A little bit of happy warmed my mailbox yesterday afternoon. More inspiration to wrap these stragglers up and get on to a new project. The first shipment in the Verdant Gryphon‘s Codex club. This is one of my favourite yarns and not easy to get hold of. I couldn’t resist. Part of the fun are the unique names that all the yarns in VG’s line have ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a little peek at the goodies and hopefully next post will be all FO’s.

The Jackal That Fell Into A Dyer's Vat

The Jackal That Fell Into A Dyer’s Vat

First shipment

First shipment