FO Friday ~ Tuscan Medallion Afghan

Not only am I hooked on crochet just lately; I seem to also be a little “star struck” 🙂 ‘Tuscan Medallion’ is another star-shaped afghan, this one with twelve points and big! TMA was started specifically to liberate some old Zen String Bliss Aran from yarn incarceration and to use some odd ball colours of Cascade 220. I was a little leery about the combo at the start – the ZS variegated isn’t “my” colours but as it grew, it did seem a little like some of the pretty tile work that I’m drawn to ie: kitchen backsplash renos on Pinterest! My project notes for this one are on Ravelry -> here <-

TMA’s portfolio:

The additional Cherub DK that I need to finish up ‘Gothic Starfish‘ has finally arrived and I’m back at it to try to wrap it up and get it out the door to the owner of the purple sofa.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 🙂

You Can Take The Girl Out Of The 80’s…

But you’ll never get the 80’s out of the girl! 😉

Goth-Stonians Legwarmers have gone live on Ravelry!

Please download and get creative – it’s free for the remaining month of August – a little kick-start to the beginning of the knitting season.

Fast, fun, affordable. One skein of Cascade 220 or any worsted, some imagination and these become totally unique.

Huge loves to my amazingly beautiful and talented daughter for supplying photos for me Hell no! You wouldn’t catch me on heels that high anymore – unless a palanquin and two studly dudes come with purchase!

Pattern page 1:

Goth-Stonian Legwarmers ©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB Designs

Goth-Stonian Legwarmers ©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB Designs

Remember These?

I’m dancing like a four-year old on apple juice – or… erm… a forty-year old on hard cider :p

My Goth-Stonian Legwarmers… Now with PEOPLE INSIDE THEM! 🙂

This will be my next freebie from KeiB Designs as soon as I have a 2nd styling option knit up. The possibilities are endless for customising, making these a fast, affordable and fun gift knit. Stay tuned and here’s the new portfolio – now with more cowbell! 😉

Make It Monday

I’ve wrapped up the leg warmers that my daughter requested. Super happy 🙂

Goth-Stonian Leg Warmers: (more design details on the Rav project page)

casFinished Goth-Stonian leg warmers

These are a deep, rich plum colour; the sunlight makes them considerably lighter than real life. The ties will be replaced with black organza ribbon as soon as I can get my hands on some.

These were fun, could be fast – I was puttering at them in between projects – and I have some deep ruby Cascade 220 that is begging to be knit!

Undulation Scarf ~ Finished

Trying something different – posting direct from my Flickr.
So here ’tis: Undulation Scarf, finished and not yet blocked.
Holy heck! This was a fast knit! Beginner worthy if you’re adventurous enough to try short rows. I love it!
It’s the perfect capper to a perfect day. I was invited to write for a position at work that I’ve had my eye on and had applied for in early October and last month’s medical tests came back negative.
Colour me very happy!

Fake It Monday

Ha! My wit is not exactly well honed in the waning hours of a lazy Sunday.

No finished projects but much good progress on “Jingle In My Jeans” and the fingerless mitts to match the Lang Mille Colori version of the bias lace scarf.

Startitis did strike. The Cascade 220 that I’d bought to make a crochet scarf, refused to be crocheted. I left it in my WIP basket, in plain view; hoping that it would be more agreeable after a time out but no. Fortunately, my friend Natalie posted about a new KAL that she is running for her pattern “Undulation”. It grabbed my attention and that of the naughty Cascade. Voila! It’s almost off the needles and I have busted a little more stash. I’m not “officially” KAL’ing, just inspired. The yardage in the Cascade is nearly double what the pattern callse for and so, I hope to get both the longest version and the shortest – worked in colourway oposition – out of the skeins I have. Here is the progress photo from earlier Sunday. There is now only the last stripe to work before casting off.

Halfway point

Halfway point

This and a very successful first run at the Christmas shopping on Saturday has made for a wonderful weekend. Hoping everyone’s was equally so. Cheers!