Make It Monday

Dupatta Scarf ~ Finished

Lang Mille Colori Socks & Lace, Cascade Heritage paints (held double throughout)

More stashbusting. These were leftovers from my Tandoori Tikka Tumeric shawl and I now have a display piece for each of the three finishes that are written in my Cloches Cannelées pattern. I hope to have a variety of yarns and options for all the patterns that come with me to the 2015 Needler’s Retreat by the end of September. Should be no problem, right? That clone I ordered will be here any minute I’m sure! 😉

Dupatta’s portfolio:

If you love this scarf pattern you can add it to your Ravelry favourites here 🙂

Make It Monday

Tandoori Tikka Turmeric (aka: Morlynn) Shawl is done and I’m super pleased with it.

Tandoori Tikka Tumeric Shawl ~ Full

Tandoori Tikka Turmeric Shawl ~ Full

Tandoori Tikka Tumeric Shawl ~ Finished

Tandoori Tikka Turmeric Shawl ~ Finished

It isn’t blocked yet – this IS me that’s saying finished 🙂 – with the body of both of these yarns and that they’re fingering weight, the border pattern is quite open and I might not even bother. If I could have one wish this Christmas, other than peace on earth of course, it would be to have a blocking faery come take all my FO’s and do that for me. I just have so little space of any kind!

I made one very small mod to pull the two highly contrasting colours together.  In the second garter stitch section, I worked the middle row in the CC. If I don another of these and it was so quick to do, I may; I think I’d duplicate that mod in the first garter section as well.

Cheers all, hope the count down days to Christmas are going smoothly for you all ~ kei

Monday Already?

Where the heck do the weekends go and are the ones in December even shorter? I think they must be…

We were under a winter storm watch this weekend, which is much less ominous than it sounds. This is Canada, we get winter. Real winter. Not namby pamby, oh brrrr, I need to wear gloves winter. 🙂

This meant knitting and more knitting and yet, I still don’t have an FO to show. I’ve been totally absorbed in my TTT (Morlynn) Shawl, to the point where, when I ran out of my main colour on Thursday morning, I made the trek to my LYS at the other end of town after work to pick up a second skein. Only this morning did I see a “Sticky” in the discussion pages for the pattern on Ravelry where, another Raveler had discovered that the quantities given are off. No biggie, I was back at it by the time I sat down on the bus to come home and am currently in the middle of the lace border.

Here’s how it’s been working up:

Beginning of the lace border.

Beginning of the lace border.

Contrast colour started.

Contrast colour started.

I totally ignored poor Dahlia and my socks, it seems that this shawl pattern is addictive! I am really liking my Karbonz circulars too. The tip to shaft join is virtually unnoticeable. The shaft to cord join could be a little more smooth, but it’s not distracting enough to take away from the knitting. Shout out to Knitter’s Pride: You’d have knitting pin perfection if you’d smooth out that join (and add a CPY-style bearing to the cord join).


It seems that I was dreaming in technicolour to think that I’d have something finished by today. However, in that very colourful vein, here is a peek at my Tandoori Tikka Tumeric aka Morlynn Shawl:

Section A Beginning

Section A Beginning

Loving the Mille Colori colour runs and knitting like a fiend in the wee hours when I should be sleeping ’cause a girl’s gotta work but I really, really want to start the section with the Cascade!

Wanted: Another Pair Of Hands

Either that or the willpower to not begin new projects before I finish old ones!

So, the WIP’s that I ‘fess up to – there are others in my work room – Moorland and Dahlia cardis are coming along nicely. I hope to have Moorland to the shoulder seaming by the end of the year. Dahlia got a lot of love this weekend and I’m in the home stretch of stocking stitch to finish the left front.

Noro Bias Scarf and Bellydance! Socks (Jingle socks) are seeing some progress but I’m tempted to hide them in the workroom too! The thrill has worn off and they aren’t for gifts so… I started something new.

I’m working the Morlynn Shawl in a combination of Lang Mille Colori Sock & Lace and Cascade Heritage Sock. I’ve renamed this the Tandoori Tikka Tumeric Shawl for the colours – way outside my comfort zone usually but these ones together are beautiful I think.

These are the skeins, no progress photo just yet. I’m into section A and have done the calculation (gasp! I did!) to make it a little larger and use up the maximum amount of yarn from each.

Gold or Tumeric Cascade

Gold or Tumeric Cascade

For Morlyn main colour

Progress photo tomorrow and hopefully at least one finished project – the socks and scarf are so close to done!