Winter Is Coming… Knit Faster!

I have some lovely Bulky and Chunky weight still kicking around and won’t be using it this season. There is enough of each of these lots to make at least a scarf and I’d love if they went to a home where they’ll be used up. All details can be found by clicking the link to my Ravelry Sale page. As always, if anyone purchases two or more lots, I will share the cost of the calculated shipping cost. If you have any questions, feel free to PM or to message me on Ravelry.

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Winter is coming… Knit scarves!

Back To Reality

All good things must end and so does my summer vacation. No long-lost, distantly related benefactor conveniently kicked the bucket, leaving me with an inheritance. It’s sure been nice being able to dedicate time to getting settled. There’s still lots to do but things are coming together really well. Having a wee nook in the kitchen to work at, write my posts, plan meals, is wonderful and I’ve a dedicated corner in the living room for knitting.

I’m making good use of that with the Addewid MKAL back in swing with Clue 2 being released on Friday, the 8th. This section worked up really quickly. The lace pattern Abigail chose for this is very intuitive and it was done before I knew it!

Addewid MKAL Clue 2 Finished

This late night photo doesn’t show the subtle placement of beads very well but they are there in the tips of each “petal”.

Finishing left me looking for something to work on and as I’m trying to clear out some of my ancient WIP’s, I dug out the “Pleasance Shawl“. Pleasance was a kit offered in what back in 2011, was called “The Victorian Writers Club” (now the “Classic Writers Club”, via Woolgirl, one of my favourite online wool shops. Unfortunately, after getting started, I’d set down the pattern somewhere and over the course of two  moves, it was no where to be found. However, fortune smiled last week when a Raveller saw my post, looking for a copy (there weren’t downloadable versions at the time of release) and was able to send me a replacement. I did have to frog it back a little, as I sat down to get started, I noticed that one of my nupps had gone bad. Its “nuppies” were coming unravelled and there was no saving a 7-stitch nupp. I’m back on track now and hopefully, this bad boy will be finished up in a week or so.

I never did take any progress photos but here is the Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk in the club colourway “Wonderland”.

Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk

Yarn Pr0n

Shouldn’t have packed up the existing stash… I thought I’d run out of yarn!


I spied this exquisite bit of goodness when Ellen at Earthfaire posted it as an option for the Nadira Shawl. As I seem to have lost my mind to lace knitting of late, I had to have it. It was finally restocked last week and so, I grabbed some, along with beads – not called for in the pattern but a tiny touch of that I think will look well.

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Ahhh… Sweet Mystery

Clue two of the MKAL is done. I’m pouting a little as it’ll be another long wait to this coming Friday and Clue Three.  The first gradient colour shift was worked in Clue two and I’m loving how these flow. This is my first project with Unique Sheep’s gradients and I can see another wee obsession starting.

Take a peek at some of the other shawls in progress on the Ravelry group page. There are some stunning colourways.

I’ve taken a picture with this on two needles to give an idea of how it’s working up. It’s hard to see the subtle hint of lilac in those grey areas but they’re there and they echo the silver-lined amethyst beads nicely in person.

Detail of Clue Two

Detail of Clue Two

And so I’ll get back to my Hanging Garden Stole. It’s progressing well, I’m just finishing the seventh repeat of the total twelve and really enjoying the Zephyr lace.

Hope y’all found some time for needles or hook this weekend. Cheers!

Without Revealing Too Much…

PP MKAL Clue 1 ~ Finished.

I don’t think this will be a spoiler for anyone who happens by 🙂

Via Flickr:
The Unique Sheep’s Peter Pan Mystery KAL
Just wrapped clue one and I can’t believe I have to wait now for the next one!
I’m liking the combination of yarn to bead and the construction technique is interesting.

And now the mundane calls. Housework, groceries and then a mini Stitch ‘N Bitch with my BFF and Family tonight.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Allrighty Then

Okay. So. I think I’m done with being grumpy. Pretty much. Mostly. Damn it! I hate when my environment gets messed with. My OCD goes a little wonky. A LOT wonky!

So, having pulled up my attitudinal socks… 😉

I was cheered considerably to get home from work and find this bit of lovliness in my mailbox:

Unique Sheep Pashimi in "Big Sur"

Unique Sheep Pashimi in “Big Sur”

I preordered this a while ago for the Unique Sheep’s Mystery Peter Pan KAL over on Ravelry. I love this line of gradients and the purple beads are perfect, picked by Ellen at Earthfaire.

Between this, some heap good progress on Dahlia and that I have today booked off (I don’t even know how I managed that but I’ll take it!) I do think there is a lot of potential for a great day. Knitting, the last of my Christmas shopping, a stop at David’s Tea and a visit to my hairstylist to get this mop dealt with should use up all those hours perfectly!

It’s The Little Things

I was at Dollarama, one of many variations on the “dollar store” theme, and these caught my eye.

Savvy storage

Savvy storage

I’ve been keeping all my stitch markers in recycled camera film containers or sealable sandwich bags. Now they’re all together and easier to get at.

Some Posh Yarn fell into my basket during the last update. This “Miranda” yarn is exquisite; silk, cashmere and alpaca blend. I was thinking of a Hieroglyph version for this but while working on the original and organizing the many WIP’s and stash that were unearthed last week, I’m content to just pet it :).

Posh Yarn " Miranda" sock

Posh Yarn ” Miranda” sock

I found these leftover, almost complete skeins that I can’t bear to part with and am playing around with some stitch patterns and ideas. More silk and a touch of cashmere.

Luscious leftovers

Luscious leftovers