More Pointe Shoes

Stumbling over this photo absolutely made my day! I love Vivien Leigh and here she is – wait for it – in pointe shoes, a tutu and purling! Well, perhaps knitting or cabling but I’ll call it for the symmetry and alliterative resemblance to my blog title and to my cariacature.

Pointe shoes, tutu and purl

Pointe shoes, tutu and purl

Miss Leigh, on set (I’ve forgotten the movie title already!. I’ve noted the yarn is wound by hand, smiling.

Enjoying too, the memory of knitting and crocheting in a tutu and pointes between parts at various recitals over the years.

It’s the little things 🙂

Keeping You In Stitches Saturday

I'm knitting eight arms!

I’m knitting eight arms!

Getting quirky with Zooey Deschanel. Click the picture to watch the video. So funny!

Who doesn’t love a celebrity knitting reference?

I’ll be getting my quirk and my knit on, as Clue three calls me to be knit.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ryan Gosling, Hobbyist, Likes to Knit – Esquire

Ryan Gosling, Hobbyist, Likes to Knit – Esquire.

What is NOT to like about Ryan Gosling?

He’a Canadian, a humanitarian, musician,, damn fine actor  – look DD! – he starred in one of YOUR favourite shows back in the day, entrepreneur of the yummy persuasion, he owns the Moroccan restaurant “Tagine” in CA and…

He knits!!

Following in the ancient tradition of knitting, when only men were permitted to wield the needles. See gents? Nothing “girly” about this particular handcraft.

Hell! If you’re a male-type person and one of your Home Boys gives you a hassle about the hat on your needles, tell them this:

It's Not Knitting