An FO!

Here is my Pax Shawl. First attempt at a true garment in Tunisian. I really love this technique and these patterns. The pattern support is free, professional and very easy to understand. I think even a beginner would find the video instruction straightforward.

Pax Shawl FinishedPax Shawl Finished - Detail

To make best use of my “orphan” skeins, I used the Fleece Artist “Pale Pink” for the main body and first three and a half motifs on each end of the lace border. The Natural Dye Studio “Pale Strawberry” for the second half of those motifs and the entire middle portion of the border. The Fleece Artist was used for the entire length of the picot edge.

I didn’t block this hard, just enough to open up the eyelets and emphasize the scallop and picot outer edge. The soak and pin really softened the hand of the Fleece Artist. It’s been quite a while since I knit with it and it is a yarn that truly benefits from a good soak.

I love it and my gorgeous Nanny, who has a 95th birthday coming at the end of this month owns a stunning creme suit that I think this will look perfect with.

Here’s a little progress photo of Concetta. Still plugging along, I do find the intense dark colour hard to work with at night so mostly this project only sees weekend hours. Rather limited those are! Daylight and a bit of flash helps to see that it’s really not just a big blob of yarn. The Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine is working up very open and light on the larger than usual pins (a design feature) and makes a really nice fabric. Anxious to see the end of it though. “Parsley” is calling me and I’m finding it VERY hard to resist the siren call of that gorgeous Manos Serena!

Last stretch. Working the yoke.

Last stretch. Working the yoke.

WIP Progress

Concetta is coming along. I’m working the patterned yoke part now.

Jubilee is my “on the go” project, small and portable and I’m about a quarter of the way through on  the do over with a different yarn.

Chameleon Blanket was just needing some more of the darkest colourway of mini mochi to continue. I lucked in and found some at Simply Socks in Fort Wayne so I hope to get back at that soon.

Recuerdos de Infancia, I haven’t worked at much. Liking it a lot but there’s no real rush to get it finished. Yet! Have finished up the main body section and about to move into the more lacey mid-section.

So nice to have found the initiative to finally get these older projects finished up. I still have Startitis but have managed the discipline to come back to the old stuff too. Now just need to get cracking on a Cafepress overhaul – so much has changed there since I first opened my shop for PSPRP logo stuff! It’s a much nicer set up.

Concetta Cardiagan Progress

With the shawls off the hook, as it were. I’ve picked up Concetta again. I only just was able to put my hands on 4.00mm bamboo dpn’s for the sleeves this Saturday past. Last night I worked the body / sleeve joining row and we are back in business.

I don’t have a decent photo of mine, the dark colour is very hard to photograph for my little Instamatic camera, below is the stock photo from the book My Grandmother’s Knitting:

© Michael CrouserI’m also doing a reset of my Jubilee scarf by Norah Gaughan. There just wasn’t enough of the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk to make a decent length and I had no luck finding additional quantities. The pattern calls for the Same Cascade Ultra Alpaca Fine as Concetta does, so I ordered 2 skeins of that in a similar colour to the Blue Skies and have managed to recoup the four repeats that I’d completed before ADD and another project kicked in! This is how it is looking. So nice to be getting some of these ancient projects finished finally.

Project Updates

There has been some knitting happening here, in between the working, writing and all that other stuff that interferes with knitting!

SPNF #5 is off the needles and needed a good blocking before making its debut:

Scarves Plain 'N Fancy # 5 - Finished

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy # 5 – Finished

SPNF #6 (the “fancy” version of the Sky Blue pair) is coming along nicely. It is a lacey stitch but a subtle one, with the TTBL technique adding a tailored, classic look.



And here is a peek at my Concetta Cardigan. I’ve just reached the point where the armhole shaping will begin. The photo does not do justice to the deep blueberry colour and its very subtle flecks of berry. Enjoying this pattern very much and looking forward to wearing it.

Concetta Cardi - WIP

Concetta Cardi – WIP

This Is My Kind Of Happy Hour

From The Needle Nerd:


And definitely MY kind of olive!

Nerd has some neat and nerdy crochet patterns here, at her Etsy shop.

I am still working away on the last scarf to finish but have been a little sidetracked by my Concetta Cardi. It is looking good so far, I’m just finishing up the body decreases and should have a photo soon. The deep, blueberry shade doesn’t photograph well unfortunately but it is gorgeous in person.

I’m using the Addi Natura bamboo circualar to work this. I’m trying to find the “perfect” bamboo needle and this one is lovely. As I was knitting away last night – huge snowstorm, so a good time to cozy up with yarn – I found myself paying more attention to the needle. I knew I would like the cord, Addi has had that down pat for years, the joins are smooth – not a single snag or drag. I like the tips – they taper in a similar way to Addi’s Lace tips, a little less sharp of course. What I do find, is that the finish on these makes them very slick. They are more like an aluminium needle in action than a bamboo needle. This isn’t a bad thing per se but when I choose bamboo, I’m looking for a little of that integral “drag” for stitch control and better uniformity of stitches. I’m declaring these as keepers – Addis are always worth the cost (the shop wouldn’t take my firstborn, so save up if you can) but I think that my favourite are the Crystal Palace bamboo. The cord is a little stiffer but they make up for that with the ball-bearing join – best knitting needle enhancement ever – the tips are strong, sharp and smooth and the finish is more natural, a nice “hug” to the stitch but no drag, warm and lightweight in the hands.

Now, to find a “Lllama Daddy”


Finished Object

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy #5 makes its debut as an FO:

SPNF #5 Finished

SPNF #5 Finished

Very happy with this one and now ready to return refreshed to finish #4. Sometimes, I really need the almost instant gratification of a crochet project. As reward for finishing one item, I cast on for the Concetta Cardi. I love the pattern and the Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine is very nice to work with – soft, subtle berry variegations in the dark blue and the alpaca with nylon lends a bit of drape. A progress picture will follow when I feel like that won’t jinx me!