Three Happy Making Things

My first guy / unisex pattern ‘ James Harris‘, was worked by the awesome WildWoolly and she posted her FO photo on a real guy! I’ll never get tired of seeing my patterns made up 🙂

'James Harris' modelled.

‘James Harris’ modelled.


I bought a rock! A little ‘Goo Gone’, some felt feet and I have half a bookend 🙂

Half a bookend :)

Half a bookend 🙂


I have a good start on another stashbusting project. The worsted version of the Cerys Hexagon Blanket:

To keep me out of the bars when in-between projects ;-)

To keep me out of the bars when in-between projects 😉

First Guild Meeting Of The Year

The Ottawa Knitting Guild kicked off with a great meeting last night.

I’ve been very sporadic in my attendance and must confess, I’d thought Guild might be too old and stuffy for me. Like so many things crafty though, the renaissance has gained fresh faces and younger devotées are coming out.

Our speaker was Anne Pitman, of Anne’s Yoga. Her topic was yoga for knitters and she was a delight! Her warm, engaging speaking style and soothing voice, combined with the knitter-appropriate movements that she demonstrated, had the entire room attentive and participating. No mean feat to get a roomful of knitters to set down the pins for a bit!

I am a marathon knitter. There’s never a moment other than work or eating – and sometimes I resent that! – that I’m not doing something with sticks and strings and it is hell on the Carpal Tunnel and even that old SUV injury at times. This brief introduction had me (and all the attendees) relaxed and smiling, even after a stressful day at work and the two busses in January scramble to get to the meeting on time. I think I’ll be adding classes with Anne to my “Would Like To Do” list for spring.

The upcoming courses look interesting and I think I’ll be joining the class that explores reading Japanese patterns. I have several Japanese knit and crochet books and I love the expanded range of designs v. North American but they can be a challenge.

I’m always looking for new skills and inspiration so… What new things are you looking at to expand and enhance your crafting this year?

Wrapping up with a little Yarn Pr0n 🙂

Yarn Pr0n destined for test knits

Manos del Uruguay Alegria and Silk Blend


Six Hundred and four visits to Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl yesterday…

Already (at almost 6:00AM) another eighty-five!

I have to say, I’m a little gobsmacked at the activity and I very much appreciate when someone takes time out of their busy day to visit.

Thank you for stopping by and do feel free to say hello in a comment or message if there is a particular post that you liked.

~ kei
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It’s That Time Again!

The nomination process for the 2014 Canadian Blog Awards have begun.

If you’ve been enjoying what you read on Punk Rock And Purl, I would appreciate so much if you’d consider voting for me. You can do this by clicking right here —> Voting

You don’t have to be an official “Follower” and an account is not required to vote – most of my “Pinners” and “Rav-ers” drop by to visit and don’t have a WordPress account :).

There’s more information to be found about the awards on Jonathan’s blog here —> Canadian Blog Awards

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Upcycles and Crafting Wins

There’s nothing like an impending move to put a burr under the saddle!

I started one of these projects several months ago and because I’m the Queen of Procrastination, just never bothered to finish. Today, I looked at all that I’ll need to pack and move and it just made sense to finish a few things, ie: make one item of many bits.

This was mostly my plan to protect my Ikea furniture. If you have Ikea, you know they use a lot of soft woods in their products and that these items will mar if you even look at them funny. I have a dresser, a chest of drawers and two night stands; all of which have “stuff” on them and so, I wanted to be sure that I didn’t wind up with a lot of scratches and gouges due to simply dropping a tissue on a night stand.

To that end, I bought and recycled some super inexpensive frames, purchased some moderately priced designer fabric (’cause as a Sewer, I’m as much a fabric snob as I am a yarn snob) and with the application of some silicon feet on the backs, have some lovely and decorative tray / protector / memory keeper creations. The second one uses the gorgeous handmade paper that I picked up at Wallack’s, this one is my favourite. Diggin’ that a memory frame already holds a precious memory of first dates, good beginnings and dreams to come…

Here’s how they turned out (details are on my Flickr page here):