First Post 2017

I am all lit up for reams more crafting this year! As if I needed any incentive, this will be my first full year participating in Eat.Sleep.Knit’s ‘Yarnathon’ 2017. The team at ESK put together an inspiring number of events, geared for a wide range of crafters. Our theme this year is ‘Candyland’. My 2016 team – the Starsheep – won 1st in the overall standings and I’m looking forward to another great year with the Peppermint Ponies this year.


My queue will be monopolized with much ESK competitive and achievement knit and crochet because… competitive 🙂 Y’all know about winning the pair of socks in less than 24 hours x2 story. The year long project is ‘Persian Dreams‘ and the Q1 project is any pattern designed by Melanie Berg, one of my favourite designers. I’m currently yarnless in Ottawa – says the woman with a +700 skein stash – but I’ve ordered my Q1 yarn for ‘Moonraker‘  and hope to start next week. I’m still planning colours for ‘Persian Dreams’. Mine will be non-traditional shades so as to coordinate with my very Zen household colour scheme.

I’m continuing to work away at ‘Side Effect‘ to kill time and stashbust until my Q1 package arrives; soon to pick up the sleeves and I’ll work at the 2016 WIP stragglers as attention span permits. I am very pleased at how many FO’s I was able to complete this past year, with several items gifted and some sold in my Etsy shop. I found that embracing some new (to me) techniques made finishing SO much faster, much more enjoyable and definitely was a factor in getting things off the needles and 100% complete. I may be adding the ‘Product’ card to my ‘Process‘ wallet after all these years!

I’ll be updating the tab at the top of the page with all of  my 2016 projects a little later and I hope you’ll pop back to check them out – most are linked to Ravelry, if you’re looking for construction details – which reminds me! If you’re a Ravver, feel free to add me. I’m KeiB / Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl. If you aren’t a Ravver and have trouble viewing any of those green italic links to projects, send me a message (tab above) and I’ll be happy to adjust settings for you – I sometimes forget to make them public.

New Boots, New Baby Blanket

Finally destashing this beautiful Baruffa merino 2-ply lace. I’ve had it so long, I’ve forgotten what I purchased it for. Yes, sometimes I bought yarn with an actual intent to use it and not just add to my hoard!

Nine months! Oh snap... Thought it was nine YEARS!

Nine months! Oh snap… Thought it was nine YEARS!

I’m working the “Recuerdos de Infancia” crochet shawl or as I’m calling it “Baby’s Christening Shawl” I’ve down-sized the hook that’s called for as the pattern is written for fingering and I’m using lace weight. Likely, I’ll be doing more repeats to get close to the same finished size. Feels rather like working with spider’s web after all of those worsted weight scarves!

Third square for my Chameleon Baby Blanket is finished, six more to complete the parts of the centre panel.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

SPNF#7? I’m working on it…

The Beau was off on a business trip and brought me back some cowboy boots. I’m thinking I may have found the inspiration to get the 3rd design for my dance-inspired sock series onto some graph paper. This will mean that my title of “Queen of Procrastination” will be up for contenders 😉

It’s in the Bag: Adding Emerald to Your Wardrobe

It’s in the Bag: Adding Emerald to Your Wardrobe.

Stumbled across this great blog today. What else are Saturday’s for besides knitting and surfing?

I adore green. It’s a great colour. Soothing, earthy and my yarn stash reflects my devotion. The colour of my eyes has nothing to do with my bias!

I’m inspired by the gorgeous bags in this post and thinking that a lacy, fichu or light shawl would be a perfect way to jump on this colour trend.

I’ll have to do some stash diving later today but…

Perhaps after checking on just… One. More. Blog. 😉

Cheers all, Have a great weekend! Kei