The Wrap Up

Tired and stoked all at once…

I can’t believe how fast these weekends fly by! The structure does keep us hopping, it’s three classes, ‘show and tell’ for about 65 people one night and Vendor’s Night the next. Classes this year were really interesting and we had some terrific teachers. MASTERING SOCK HEELS with Amanda Schwabe of Aknitica, DOUBLE KNITTING TECHNIQUES with Julie Nandorfy of Riverside Studios and SHAPING AND DESIGN IN KNITTED FABRIC with Nancy Halliday. I can’t say enough good things about these gals. They were fun, engaging and had some really good information and review to share with us.

Debbie Marshall Wilson, owner of Sheep’s Ahoy and our Retreat convener, organizer and cat herder extraordinaire does a great job and the staff at The Glen House are always wonderful and tolerant of this bunch of crazy knitters.

I couldn’t be happier about the new friendships and professional connections I made this year. There were many new faces and like all established groups, an infusion of new vitality and ideas is always a great thing.

My own vending went well. I didn’t faint, stutter, blush beyond sunburn level or spill anything. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that one or two people know PSPRP and I think generally, folks like knowing the face behind a brand in the small world of crafting. Sales were good and I was grateful for the opportunity to ‘talk up’ my design philosophy, future path and the Berroco interview. I think that really helped lend me some credibility among this hugely talented pool of designers.

BFF and I stopped in at the Third World Bazaar in Manotick Station on our way to NR in Gananoque. It was one of those (almost) screeching ‘180s’ as we caught sight of the small, yellow signs that announce this time-limited shopping event. BFF is the shopper half of our duo and it took no arm-twisting to decide to pop in.

O. M. G.

It was a delight! The selection is overwhelming and it would have been easy to spend much more time there than we did. As it was, we came away with some amazing finds from this unique shopping event. Everything in the TWB is fair trade and there are so many countries, crafts and artisan made items, you’d be hard pressed to not find something amazing. The staff were super, they obviously love what they do and were quick to help, knowledgeable, and even offering unsolicited (but welcome) compliments and advice. They are excited about their products and like seeing them go to a good home. This obviously struck a chord with BFF and myself. Fair to say we’ll be making this a regular stop next year.

It was fun and yes, I’m a little starry eyed to have been sharing Vendor’s Night with gals who are incredibly talented and whom I’m glad to call friends. I hope you’ll click through on the links that follow and give them some love, you’ll be glad you did 🙂

Francine Hebert aka BFF of Fancy That: yarn and knitting jewellery

Joanne Myers of Wild Woolly: handcrafted lotion bars, soaps, candles and more

Natalie Servant of Natalie Servant Designs: Beautiful shawl patterns and more

Yvonne of Yvieknits Yarns: beautiful hand-dyed yarns

and (shameless plug) me, Karin of KeiB Designs: unique patterns for accessories and more

A few highlights from the weekend:

Outta Here!

The Needler’s Retreat 2015 begins this afternoon at 5:00pm. We will be having our usual private soirée with the official troublemakers and lovers of non-dairy creamer (Bailey’s) an hour or two ahead of that. I love these gals and it’s a treat to spend time away from all other concerns and be immersed in the craft we all love. BFF and I have the ‘honeymoon suite’ again this year. Yes. We really do call it that. You need a ‘backstitch pass sl st over’ to get in with the punk rock purlers 😀

I’ll be back with stories and photos next week and until then happy knitting and don’t ‘ss any knits or p2togs’ that I wouldn’t do!

Sexy Knitters Club

Not your Grannie's Knittin'!

Not your Grannie’s Knittin’!

Cheers all! ~ kei
6 November 2015

Hello There

An unintended break happened. Probably a good thing, my brain is on serious overload – pretty sure I look like the definition of “Cat on a hot tin roof”. I can always make stuff, thank goodness. Keeps me sane. Mostly…

I’m working a store sample for “Filigree”, to be carried at my LYS if all goes well. Still on the prototype for “Lotus and Bamboo”. My crossed v. twisted stitches were not cooperating with the cable effect I was looking for. I think I’m sorted now and if this goes as planned, I think it’ll be lovely!

I was out the weekend past to a private home show for YvieKnits Yarns, Fancy That and Natalie Servant Designs; three wonderfully talented ladies that I’m happy to call my friends. The temptress Joanne, from Wild Woolly joined them this time and of course, I went home with more than I planned to! I allowed myself some of Yvonne’s silk merino in two different bases for a new design (possibly an older one if the LYS wants another pattern) and I couldn’t resist some of WW’s wonderful handmade soaps, lotion bars and a body lotion. I’ll need to shower three times a day to use all this up!

Some photos of the week’s activities:

It’s A Brand New Shiny Year

I’m looking forward to another year of fibre, friends and fun on Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl and happy to see all the talented new followers and old. You keep me inspired… if not out of the yarn shops! 😉

My 2014 projects in review can be seen on this page: Finished Knits 2014 and there’s a link on it to the project specifics for the patterns and yarns used.

I have a tradition of beginning a new project on New Years Eve and this one was no exception. Serendipitously and very appropriately, I had all the materials to start “Phoenix Rising”, a shawl by Sivia Harding Design. I’m a fan of Sivia’s patterns and the name and it’s associated story seem a metaphor for my life in general and how I’d like to see it continue this year. I don’t have a progress photo yet, I’ve been utterly engrossed in the making of it but here is a peak at the yarn – Unique Sheep’s Marici lace, the beads – 8/0 SL crystal AB’s and the pattern. The project page is on my Ravelry here.

#nextproject #uniquesheep #silk #lace #shawl #beads #pointeshoespunkrockandpurl #siviaharding


The “Snow Glint” colourway is exclusive to Earthfaire, one of my favourite yarn store temptations.

To start the year off right, my friend Yvonne of Yvieknits Yarns is running a contest over on her blog. Yvie is the talented dyer behind the Mawata silk hankies that were used in one of the classes held this year at Needler’s Retreat 2014, taught by my lovely and talented BFF, Francine Hebert of “Fancy That”, yarn embellishments and jewellery.
You could win a skein of Yvie’s silk merino dk, so pop over for a visit 🙂

As it’s the beginning of a new year, I’ll take a moment to invite you to find me on Ravelry as “KarinB” and to join the Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl group there if you wish. I hope to be spending more time there and with publishing my “KB Designs” knitting and crochet patterns.

You can find my patterns on Craftsy, Etsy, Ravelry and on my Blogger home “So Many Vices, So Little Time“. I’ll get them here eventually… there really is “so little time”! I sell finished handmade items and some crafting supplies on Etsy as well.

If you’re a Social Media type, I can be found with the motley lot that hangs around on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Goodreads, Pinterest and others. The green buttons on the top right hand side of the page will take you to my little corner of those spots. Feel free to leave a comment below about your own other internet spaces and to join me at mine.

Sheesh! You’d wonder how any of us have time to craft, right?! 😉

And with that – I’m back to the needles.

Cheers all!



Will any of you be joining in? Tour de France KAL 2013.

This is my friend Natalie of Natalie Servant Designs. Her patterns are so unique and I can’t wait to do my first KAL in forever!

The lovely model on the pattern is my BFF Francine of Fancy That. You’ll definitely want one of her exquisite shawl pins for your finished KAL shawl.

Tonight will be a Strongbow and Stash Surf night, sorry Beau 😉

Citron Shawlette

OK. Yup. I admit it. Got the attention span of a goldfish :). So, I was running errands Sunday and my route took me past my LYS, Yarn Forward. My GF Francine – Francine of “Fancy That” shawl pins – was working, so an impromptu “Sit ‘N Knit” ensued. I couldn’t knit the sundries I picked up, so allowed myself to be talked into a skein of Noro Sekku – yummy! – and sat down to start “Citron“. In fairness, “Citron” WAS queued on Ravelry… I am… following through… ;-). I’ve been knitting on the bus and into the wee hours, it’s so addictive and easy! A beginner with skillz could do this.

A New Project

I had to cast this on right away!
Yesterday, I made my first trip out to the Ashton Store, where the owner Kelly, maintains a little corner of heaven.
I went with my friend Francine, the designer of “Fancy That” shawl pins and jewellery. Kelly has a lovely display of these pins as well as local artisan project bags and hand-dyed yarns (details to follow). There is a selection of well known yarns, including Sweet Georgia – yummy and Fleece Artist, Handmaiden, Louet and more.
I spotted this Fleece Artist Camelspin right away and just couldn’t put it down. The hand on this yarn is incredible, simply unwrapping the skein, you can appreciated the sheen and drape. This colourway said “Shawl” to me and after searching my Ravelry queue, “Mirth” by Stephanie Japel seemed the ideal pattern to show off my new purchase.
So, I cast on this AM and can barely put it down to do this post! What a joy to work with, I’m already thinking ahead to other projects and design possibilities with this. Below are a couple more photos, pre-winding and early start and a few photos of the Knit Night Gals 🙂 :

Fleece Artist Camelspin Kanata Knit Nights Kanata Knit Nights Kanata Knit Nights Kanata Knit Nights

My "Fancy That" Shawl Pin 1

Look What I Got :).

I am so happy to own one of Francine’s gorgeous, handmade, OOAK shawl pins.
And I’m really proud that Francine is one of my friends. I recently had the opportunity to see some of her beautiful creations and the little workshop where she makes them.
There are so many beautiful variations, I’ll definitely own more than one! Silver, copper, some with smooth finishes, some hammered and lovely beaded embellishments. They are all so beautiful.
“Fancy That” also makes beautiful jewellery, pendants and earings. My shawl pin is so pretty, I think it could easlily do double duty as a hair ornament :).
These pins are available in several shops in the Ottawa area. I’ll be updating shortly with the contact details for that.
Still no FO’s, although I do expect that my second “Ulmus” will be done shortly and then it will be a “Queen Of The Waves” in some stashed Kauni…
Ulmus And Pin 1 Ulmus And Pin 2